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You need to hack your psp to PRO-B and then maybe you can use Cwcheats

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Q: Can you get cwcheat on psp 3000 brite firmware 6.39?
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A list of licensed Nintendo Entertainment System game in North America?

TitleYear[3]Publisher[3]Reference10-Yard Fight1985Nintendo[1]19421986Capcom[2]1943: The Battle of Midway1988Capcom[3]3-D WorldRunner1987Acclaim Entertainment[4]6-in-11992Caltron[5]720°1989Mindscape[6]8 Eyes1990Taxan[7]Abadox1990Milton Bradley Company[8]Action 521991Active Enterprises[9]The Addams Family1992Ocean Software[10]The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt1993Ocean Software[11]Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrike1992FCI[12]Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance1991FCI[13]Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar1993FCI[14]Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance1992FCI[15]Adventure Island1988Hudson Soft[16]Adventure Island 21991Hudson Soft (NA/EU)Mattel (AU)[17]Adventure Island 31992Hudson Soft[18]Adventures in the Magic Kingdom1990Capcom[19]The Adventures of Bayou Billy1989Konami[20]The Adventures of Dino Riki1989Hudson Soft[21]The Adventures of Gilligan's Island1990Bandai[22]Adventures of Lolo1989HAL Laboratory[23]Adventures of Lolo 21990HAL Laboratory[24]Adventures of Lolo 31991HAL Laboratory[25]The Adventures of Rad Gravity1990Activision (NA)Mattel (AUS)[26]The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends1992THQ[27]The Adventures of Tom Sawyer1989SETA[28]After Burner1989Tengen[29]Air Fortress1989HAL Laboratory[30]Airwolf1989Acclaim Entertainment[31]Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing1990Data East[32]Aladdin1994Virgin Interactive (EU)[33]Alfred Chicken1994Mindscape[34]Alien³1993LJN[35]Alien Syndrome1988Tengen[36]All-Pro Basketball1989Vic Tokai[37]Alpha Mission1987SNK[38]Amagon1989Sammy Studios[39]American Gladiators1991GameTek[40]Anticipation1988Nintendo[41]Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl!1990Acclaim Entertainment[42]Archon1989Activision[43]Arkanoid1987Taito[44]Arkista's Ring1990American Sammy[45]Asterix1993Infogrames (EU)[46]Astyanax1990Jaleco[47]Athena1987SNK[48]Athletic World1987Bandai (NA)Nintendo (EU)[49]Attack of the Killer Tomatoes1992THQ[50]Aussie Rules Footy1991Laser Beam Entertainment (AU)[51]Baby Boomer1989Color Dreams[52]Back to the Future1989LJN[53]Back to the Future Part II & III1990LJN[54]Bad Dudes1990Data East (NA)Ocean Software (EU)[55]Bad News Baseball1990Tecmo[56]Bad Street Brawler1989Mattel[57]Balloon Fight1986Nintendo[58]Banana Prince1992Takara (EU)[59]Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach1989Bandai[60]Bandit Kings of Ancient China1990Koei[61]Barbie1991Hi-Tech Expressions[62]The Bard's Tale1991FCI[63]Barker Bill's Trick Shooting1990Nintendo[64]Base Wars1991Ultra Games[65]Baseball1985Nintendo[66]Baseball Simulator 1.0001990Culture Brain[67]Baseball Stars1989SNK[68]Baseball Stars II1992Romstar[69]Bases Loaded1988Jaleco[70]Bases Loaded II: Second Season1990Jaleco[71]Bases Loaded 31991Jaleco[72]Bases Loaded 41993Jaleco[73]Batman1990Sunsoft[74]Batman Returns1993Konami[75]Batman: Return of the Joker1991Sunsoft[76]Battle Chess1990Data East[77]The Battle of Olympus1989Brøderbund (NA)Imagineering (EU)[78]Battle Tank1990Absolute Entertainment[79]Battleship1993Mindscape[80]Battletoads1991Tradewest[81]Battletoads & Double Dragon1993Tradewest[82]Beauty and the Beast1994Hudson Soft (EU)[83]Bee 521992Camerica[84]Beetlejuice1991LJN[85]Best of the Best: Championship Karate1992Electro Brain (NA)Loricels (EU)[86]Bible Adventures1990Wisdom Tree[87]Bible Buffet1993Wisdom Tree[88]Big Nose Freaks Out1992Camerica[89]Big Nose the Caveman1991Camerica[90]Bigfoot1990Acclaim Entertainment[91]Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure1991LJN[92]Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge1991Konami[93]Bionic Commando1988Capcom[94]The Black Bass1989Hot-B[95]Blackjack1992American Video Entertainment[96]Blades of Steel1988Konami (NA/EU)Mattel (AU)[97]Blaster Master1988Sunsoft[98]The Blue Marlin1992Hot-B[99]The Blues Brothers1992Titus[100]Bo Jackson Baseball1991Data East[101]Bomberman1987Hudson Soft[102]Bomberman II1992Hudson Soft[103]Bonk's Adventure1994Hudson Soft[104]Boulder Dash1990JVC[105]A Boy and His Blob1990Absolute Entertainment[106]Bram Stoker's Dracula1993Sony Imagesoft[107]Break Time: The National Pool Tour1993FCI[108]Breakthru1987Data East[109]Bubble Bath Babes1991Panesian[110]Bubble Bobble1988Taito (NA/EU)Mattel (AUS)[111]Bubble Bobble Part 21993Taito[112]Bucky O'Hare1992Konami[113]The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout1990Kemco[114]The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle1989Seika[115]Bump 'n' Jump1988Vic Tokai[116]Burai Fighter1990Taxan[117]BurgerTime1987Data East[118]Cabal1990Milton Bradley Company[119]Caesar's Palace1992Virgin Interactive[120]California Games1989Milton Bradley Company[121]Captain America and the Avengers1991Data East[122]Captain Comic - The Adventure1989Color Dreams[123]Captain Planet1991Mindscape[124]Captain Skyhawk1990Milton Bradley Company (NA)Rare (EU)[125]Casino Kid1989SOFEL[126]Casino Kid 21993SOFEL[127]Castelian1991Triffix (NA)Storm (EU)[128]Castle of Deceit1990Bunch Games[129]Castle of Dragon1990SETA[130]Castlequest1989ASCII[131]Castlevania1987Konami[132]Castlevania II: Simon's Quest1988Konami[133]Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse1990Konami[134]Caveman Games1990Data East[135]Challenge of the Dragon1990Color Dreams[136]Championship Bowling1989Romstar[137]Championship Pool1993Mindscape[138]Championship Rally1991Hal Laboratory (AU)[139]Cheetahmen II1993Active Enterprises[140]The Chessmaster1990Hi-Tech Expressions[141]Chiller1990American Game Cartridges (NA)HES (AU)[142]Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers1990Capcom[143]Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 21994Capcom[144]Chubby Cherub1986Bandai[145]Circus Caper1990Toho[146]City Connection1988Jaleco[147]Clash at Demonhead1990Vic Tokai[148]Classic Concentration1990GameTek[149]Cliffhanger1993Sony Imagesoft[150]Clu Clu Land1985Nintendo[151]Cobra Command1988Data East[152]Cobra Triangle1989Nintendo[153]Code Name: Viper1990Capcom[154]Color a Dinosaur1993Virgin Interactive[155]Commando1986Capcom[156]Conan: The Mysteries of Time1991Mindscape[157]Conflict1990Vic Tokai[158]Conquest of the Crystal Palace1990Asmik[159]Contra1988Konami[160]Contra Force1992Konami[161]Cool World1993Ocean Software[162]Cowboy Kid1992Romstar[163]Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge1992Technos Japan[164]Crystal Mines1989Color Dreams[165]Crystalis1990SNK[166]Cyberball1992Jaleco[167]Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine1989Acclaim Entertainment[168]Dance Aerobics1989Nintendo[169]Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat1992Tradewest[170]Darkman1991Ocean Software[171]Darkwing Duck1992Capcom[172]Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum1990Data East[173]Day Dreamin' Davey1992HAL Laboratory[174]Days of Thunder1990Mindscape[175]Deadly Towers1987Brøderbund[176]Death Race1990American Game Cartridges[177]Deathbots1990American Video Entertainment[178]Defender II1988HAL Laboratory[179]Defender of the Crown1989Ultra Games[180]Defenders of Dynatron City1992JVC[181]Deja Vu1990Seika[182]Demon Sword1990Taito[183]Desert Commander1989Seika[184]Destination Earthstar1990Acclaim Entertainment[185]Destiny of an Emperor1990Capcom[186]Devil World1987Nintendo[187]Dick Tracy1990Bandai[188]Die Hard1992Activision[189]Dig Dug II1989Bandai[190]Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City1990Milton Bradley Company[191]Dirty Harry1990Mindscape[192]Dizzy the Adventurer1993Codemasters[193]Donkey Kong1986Nintendo[194]Donkey Kong 31986Nintendo[195]Donkey Kong Classics1988Nintendo[196]Donkey Kong Jr.1986Nintendo[197]Donkey Kong Jr. Math1985Nintendo[198]Double Dare1990GameTek[199]Double Dragon1988Tradewest[200]Double Dragon II: The Revenge1990Acclaim Entertainment[201]Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones1991Acclaim Entertainment[202]Double Dribble1987Konami[203]Double Strike1990American Video Entertainment (NA)HES (AUS)[204]Dr. Chaos1988FCI[205]Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1989Bandai[206]Dr. Mario1990Nintendo[207]Dragon Fighter1992SOFEL[208]Dragon Power1988Bandai[209]Dragon Spirit1990Bandai[210]Dragon Warrior1989Nintendo[211]Dragon Warrior II1990Enix[212]Dragon Warrior III1992Enix[213]Dragon Warrior IV1992Enix[214]Dragon's Lair1990Sony Imagesoft (NA)Elite Systems (EU)[215]Dropzone1992Mindscape[216]Duck Hunt1985Nintendo[217]Duck Maze1990HES Interactive[218]DuckTales1989Capcom[219]DuckTales 21993Capcom[220]Dudes with Attitude1990American Video Entertainment[221]Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements1990Taito[222]Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball1990Brøderbund[223]Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus1989Bandai[224]Elevator Action1987Taito[225]Eliminator Boat Duel1991Electro Brain[226]Elite1991Imagineer[227]Evert and Lendl Top Players' Tennis1990Asmik[228]Excitebike1985Nintendo[229]Exodus1990Wisdom Tree[230]F-1 Sensation1993Palcom[231]F-117A Stealth Fighter1992MicroProse[232]F-15 City Wars1990American Video Entertainment (NA)HES (AU)[233]F-15 Strike Eagle1992MicroProse[234]Family Feud1991GameTek[235]The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy1993Camerica (NA)Codemasters (EU)[236]Fantasy Zone1989Tengen[237]Faria: A World of Mystery and Danger1991ASCII[238]Faxanadu1989Nintendo[239]Felix the Cat1992Hudson Soft[240]Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge1992Acclaim Entertainment[241]Fester's Quest1989Sunsoft[242]Final Fantasy1990Nintendo[243]Fire 'n Ice1993Tecmo[244]Firehawk1989Camerica[245]Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue1992GameTek[246]Fisher-Price: I Can Remember1990GameTek[247]Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit1990GameTek[248]Fist of the North Star1989Taxan[249]Flight of the Intruder1991Mindscape[250]The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy1991Taito (NA/EU)Mattel (AU)[251]The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak1994Taito[252]Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll1989Culture Brain[253]Flying Warriors1991Culture Brain[254]Formula One: Built to Win1990SETA[255]Frankenstein: The Monster Returns1991Bandai[256]Freedom Force1988Sunsoft[257]Free Fun Golf1990RoJax[258]Friday the 13th1989LJN[259]Fun House1991Hi-Tech Expressions[260]G.I. Joe1991Taxan[261]G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor1992Capcom[262]Galactic Crusader1990Bunch Games[263]Galaga1988Bandai[264]Galaxy 50001991Activision[265]Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness1992Capcom[266]Gauntlet1987Tengen[267]Gauntlet II1990Mindscape[268]Gemfire1992Koei[269]Genghis Khan1990Koei[270]George Foreman's KO Boxing1992Acclaim Entertainment[271]Ghostbusters1988Activision[272]Ghostbusters II1990Activision[273]Ghosts 'n Goblins1986Capcom[274]Ghoul School1992Electro Brain[275]Goal!1989Jaleco[276]Goal! Two1992Jaleco[277]Godzilla: Monster of Monsters1989Toho[278]Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters1992Toho[279]Gold Medal Challenge 921992Capcom[280]Golf1985Nintendo[281]Golf Grand Slam1991Atlus[282]Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode1988Vic Tokai[283]The Goonies II1987Konami[284]Gotcha! The Sport!1987LJN[285]Gradius1986Konami[286]The Great Waldo Search1992THQ[287]Greg Norman's Golf Power1992Virgin Interactive[288]Gremlins 2: The New Batch1990Sunsoft[289]The Guardian Legend1989Brøderbund (NA)Nintendo (EU)[290]Guerrilla War1989SNK[291]Gumshoe1986Nintendo[292]Gun Nac1991ASCII[293]Gun.Smoke1988Capcom[294]Gyromite1985Nintendo[295]Gyruss1989Ultra Games[296]Hammerin' Harry1992Irem[297]Harlem Globetrotters1991GameTek[298]Hatris1992Bullet-Proof Software[299]Heavy Barrel1990Data East[300]Heavy Shreddin'1990Parker Brothers[301]High Speed1991Tradewest[302]Hogan's Alley1985Nintendo[303]Hollywood Squares1989GameTek[304]Home Alone1991THQ[305]Home Alone 21992THQ[306]Hook1992Sony Imagesoft (NA)Ocean Software (EU)[307]Hoops1989Jaleco[308]Hot Slots1991Panesian[309]Hudson Hawk1992Sony Imagesoft (NA)Ocean Software (EU)[310]The Hunt for Red October1991Hi-Tech Expressions[311]Hydlide1989FCI[312]Ice Climber1985Nintendo[313]Ice Hockey1988Nintendo[314]Ikari Warriors1987SNK[315]Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road1988SNK[316]Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue1991SNK[317]Image Fight1990Irem[318]The Immortal1990Electronic Arts[319]Impossible Mission-II1989American Video Entertainment[320]The Incredible Crash Dummies1994LJN[321]Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1991Taito[322]Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1993Ubisoft[323]Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1988Mindscape, Tengen[324]Infiltrator1990Mindscape[325]International Cricket1992Mattel[326]Iron Tank1988SNK[327]Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II1989Acclaim Entertainment[328]Isolated Warrior1991NTVIC[329]Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road1990Tradewest[330]Jack Nicklaus' Major Championship Golf1990Konami[331]Jackal1988Konami[332]Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu1990Hudson Soft[333]James Bond Jr.1992THQ[334]Jaws1987LJN[335]Jeopardy!1988GameTek[336]Jeopardy! 25th Silver Anniversary Edition1990GameTek[337]Jeopardy! Junior Edition1989GameTek[338]The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper!1992Taito[339]Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour1993Ubisoft[340]Joe and Mac1992Elite Systems[341]John Elway's Quarterback1989Tradewest[342]Jordan vs Bird: One on One1989Milton Bradley Company[343]Joshua & the Battle of Jericho1992Wisdom Tree[344]Journey to Silius1990Sunsoft[345]Joust1988HAL Laboratory[346]The Jungle Book1994Virgin Interactive[347]Jurassic Park1993Ocean Software[348]Kabuki Quantum Fighter1991HAL Laboratory[349]Karate Champ1986Data East[350]The Karate Kid1987LJN[351]Karnov1988Data East[352]Kick Master1992Taito[353]Kick Off1991Imagineering[354]Kickle Cubicle1990Irem[355]Kid Icarus1987Nintendo[356]Kid Klown in Night Mayor World1993Kemco[357]Kid Kool1990Vic Tokai[358]Kid Niki: Radical Ninja1987Data East[359]King Neptune's Adventure1990Color Dreams[360]King of Kings1988Namco[361]King of Kings: The Early Years1991Wisdom Tree[362]King's Knight1989Square[363]Kings of the Beach1990Ultra Games[364]King's Quest V1992Konami[365]Kirby's Adventure1993Nintendo[366]Kiwi Kraze1991Taito (NA/EU)Ocean Software (AU)[367]Klash Ball1991SOFEL[368]Klax1990Tengen[369]Knight Rider1989Acclaim Entertainment[370]Konami Hyper Soccer1992Konami[371]Krazy Kreatures1990American Video Entertainment[372]The Krion Conquest1991Vic Tokai[373]Krusty's Funhouse1992Acclaim Entertainment[374]Kung Fu1985Nintendo[375]Kung Fu Heroes1989Culture Brain[376]Laser Invasion1991Ultra Games[377]Last Action Hero1993Sony Imagesoft[378]The Last Ninja1991Jaleco[379]The Last Starfighter1990Mindscape[380]Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf1988SNK[381]Legacy of the Wizard1989Brøderbund[382]Legend of the Ghost Lion1992Kemco[383]The Legend of Kage1987Taito[384]The Legend of Zelda1987Nintendo[385]Legendary Wings1988Capcom[386]Legends of the Diamond1992Bandai[387]The Legend of Prince Valiant1992Ocean Software[388]Lemmings1992Sunsoft[389]L'Empereur1991Koei[390]Lethal Weapon1993Ocean Software[391]Life Force1988Konami[392]Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade1991Camerica[393]The Lion King1994Virgin Interactive[394]Little League Baseball: Championship Series1990SNK[395]The Little Mermaid1991Capcom[396]Little Nemo: The Dream Master1990Capcom[397]Little Ninja Brothers1990Culture Brain[398]Little Red Hood1989HES[399]Little Samson1992Taito[400]Lode Runner1987Brøderbund[401]The Lone Ranger1991Konami[402]Loopz1990Mindscape[403]Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man1990Taxan[404]Lunar Pool1987FCI[405]M.C. Kids1992Virgin Interactive (NA)Ocean Software (EU)[406]M.U.L.E.1990Mindscape[407]M.U.S.C.L.E.(game)1986Bandai[408]Mach Rider1985Nintendo[409]Mad Max1990Mindscape[410]The Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13 II1990Vic Tokai[411]Magic Darts1991Romstar[412]Magic Johnson's Fast Break1990Tradewest[413]The Magic of Scheherazade1989Culture Brain[414]Magician1991Taxan[415]Magmax1988FCI[416]Major League Baseball1988LJN[417]Maniac Mansion1990Jaleco[418]Mappy-Land1989Taxan[419]Marble Madness1989Milton Bradley Company[420]Mario Bros.1986Nintendo[421]Mario Is Missing!1993Mindscape[422]Mario's Time Machine1994Mindscape[423]Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu1989Color Dreams[424]Maxi 151992American Video Entertainment[425]Mechanized Attack1990SNK[426]Mega Man1987Capcom[427]Mega Man 21989Capcom[428]Mega Man 31990Capcom[429]Mega Man 41992Capcom[430]Mega Man 51992Capcom[431]Mega Man 61994Nintendo[432]Menace Beach1990Color Dreams[433]Mendel Palace1990Hudson Soft[434]Metal Fighter1989Color Dreams[435]Metal Gear1988Ultra Games[436]Metal Mech1991Jaleco[437]Metal Storm1991Irem[438]Metroid1987Nintendo[439]Michael Andretti's World GP1990American Sammy[440]Mickey Mousecapade1988Capcom[441]Mickey's Adventures in Numberland1994Hi-Tech Expressions[442]Mickey's Safari in Letterland1993Hi-Tech Expressions[443]Micro Machines1991Camerica[444]Mig 29 Soviet Fighter1989Camerica[445]Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum1992American Sammy[446]Mighty Bomb Jack1987Tecmo[447]Mighty Final Fight1993Capcom[448]Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!1987Nintendo[449]Millipede1988HAL Laboratory[450]Milon's Secret Castle1988Hudson Soft[451]Miracle Piano1990Mindscape[452]Mission Cobra1990Bunch Games[453]Mission: Impossible1990Ultra Games[454]Monopoly1991Parker Brothers[455]Monster in My Pocket1992Konami[456]Monster Party1989Bandai[457]Monster Truck Rally1991INTV[458]Moon Ranger1990Bunch Games[459]Motor City Patrol1992Matchbox[460]Mr. Gimmick!1993Sunsoft[461]Ms. Pac Man1993Namco[4][462]Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival1990Hi-Tech Expressions[463]The Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer World1992American Softworks[464]Mystery Quest1989Taxan[465]NARC1990Acclaim Entertainment[466]NES Open Tournament Golf1991Nintendo[467]NES Play Action Football1990Nintendo[468]New Ghostbusters II1990HAL Laboratory[469]NFL Football1989LJN[470]Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing1993GameTek[471]A Nightmare on Elm Street1989LJN[472]Nightshade1992Ultra Games[473]Ninja Crusaders1990American Sammy[474]Ninja Gaiden1989Tecmo[475]Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos1990Tecmo[476]Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom1991Tecmo[477]Ninja Kid1986Bandai[478]Nintendo World Championships1990Nintendo[479]Nintendo World Cup1990Nintendo[480]Noah's Ark1992Konami[481]Nobunaga's Ambition1989Koei[482]Nobunaga's Ambition II1991Koei[483]North and South1990Seika[484]Operation Secret Storm1991Color Dreams[485]Operation Wolf1989Taito[486]Orb-3D1990Hi-Tech Expressions[487]Othello1988Acclaim Entertainment[488]Over Horizon1991Hot-B[489]Overlord1993Virgin Interactive[490]P.O.W.: Prisoners of War1989SNK[491]Pac-Man1993Namco[5][492]Pac-Mania1990Tengen[493]Palamedes1990Hot-B[494]Panic Restaurant1992Taito[495]Paperboy1988Mindscape[496]Paperboy 21992Mindscape[497]Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III1991Ocean Software[498]Parodius Da!1992Konami[499]Peek-A-Boo Poker1991Panesian[500]Pesterminator1990Color Dreams[501]Peter Pan and the Pirates1991THQ[502]Phantom Fighter1990FCI[503]Pictionary1990LJN[504]Pinball1985Nintendo[505]Pinball Quest1990Jaleco[506]Pinbot1990Nintendo[507]Pipe Dream1990Bullet-Proof Software[508]Pirates!1991Ultra Games[509]Platoon1988Sunsoft[510]Popeye1986Nintendo[511]Power Blade1991Taito[512]Power Blade 21992Taito[513]Power Punch II1992American Softworks[514]P'radikus Conflict1990Color Dreams[515]Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin1989Activision[516]Prince of Persia1992Virgin Interactive[517]Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom1991Hudson Soft[518]Pro Sport Hockey1993Jaleco[519]Pro Wrestling1987Nintendo[520]The Punisher1990LJN[521]Puss 'n Boots: Pero's Great Adventure1990Electro Brain[522]Puzzle1990American Video Entertainment[523]Puzznic1990Taito[524]Pyramid1990American Video Entertainment[525]Q*bert1989Ultra Games[526]Quarth1990Konami[527]Qix1991Taito[528]Quattro Adventure1991Camerica[529]Quattro Arcade1991Camerica[530]Quattro Sports1991Camerica[531]RBI Baseball1988Tengen[532]RBI Baseball 21990Tengen[533]RBI Baseball 31991Tengen[534]R.C. Pro-Am1988Nintendo[535]R.C. Pro-Am II1992Tradewest[536]Race America1992Absolute Entertainment (NA)Milton Bradley Company (EU)[537]Racket Attack1988Jaleco[538]Rackets and Rivals1993Palcom[539]Rad Racer1987Nintendo[540]Rad Racer II1990Square[541]Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II1991American Video Entertainment[542]Raid 20201989Color Dreams[543]Raid on Bungeling Bay1987Brøderbund[544]Rainbow Islands1991Taito[545]Rally Bike1990Romstar[546]Rambo1988Acclaim Entertainment[547]Rampage1988Data East[548]Rampart1992Jaleco[549]Remote Control1990Hi-Tech Expressions[550]The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckaroo$1993THQ[551]Renegade1988Taito[552]Rescue: The Embassy Mission1990Seika[553]Ring King1987Data East[554]River City Ransom1990Technos Japan (NA)Infogrames (EU)[555]Road Fighter1992Palcom[556]Road Runner1989Tengen[557]RoadBlasters1990Mindscape[558]Prince of Thieves1991Virgin Interactive[559]RoboCop1989Data East[560]RoboCop 21991Data East[561]RoboCop 31992Ocean Software[562]Robodemons1990Color Dreams[563]Robowarrior1988Jaleco[564]Rock 'n' Ball1990NTVIC[565]Rocket Ranger1990Seika[566]The Rocketeer1991Bandai[567]Rockin' Kats1991Atlus[568]Rodland1993Jaleco[569]Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball1991LJN[570]Rollerball1990HAL Laboratory[571]Rollerblade Racer1993Hi-Tech Expressions[572]RollerGames1990Ultra Games[573]Rolling Thunder1988Tengen[574]Romance of the Three Kingdoms1989Koei[575]Romance of the Three Kingdoms II1991Koei[576]Roundball: 2 on 2 Challenge1992Mindscape[577]Rush'n Attack1987Konami[578]Rygar1987Tecmo[579]S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team1991Natsume (NA)Imagineering (EU)[580]Secret Scout1991Color Dreams[581]Section Z1987Capcom[582]Seicross1988FCI[583]Sesame Street: 1-2-31989Hi-Tech Expressions[584]Sesame Street: A-B-C1989Hi-Tech Expressions[585]Sesame Street: A-B-C/1-2-31991Hi-Tech Expressions[586]Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak1990Hi-Tech Expressions[587]Sesame Street: Countdown1992Hi-Tech Expressions[588]Shadow of the Ninja1990Natsume (NA)Data East (EU)[589]Shadowgate1989Seika[590]Shatterhand1991Jaleco[591]Shingen the Ruler1990Hot-B[592]Shinobi1989Tengen[593]Shockwave1990American Game Cartridges[594]Shooting Range1989Bandai[595]Short Order/Eggsplode1989Nintendo[596]Side Pocket1987Data East[597]Silent Assault1990Color Dreams[598]Silent Service1989Ultra Games[599]Silkworm1990American Sammy[600]Silver Surfer1990Virgin Interactive[601]The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants1991Acclaim Entertainment[602]The Simpsons: Bart VS. The World1991Acclaim Entertainment[603]The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man1992Acclaim Entertainment[604]Skate or Die!1988Ultra Games[605]Skate or Die 21990Electronic Arts[606]Ski or Die1991Ultra Games[607]Skull and Crossbones1990Tengen[608]Sky Kid1987Sunsoft[609]Sky Shark1989Taito[610]Slalom1987Nintendo[611]Smash TV1991Acclaim Entertainment[612]The Smurfs1994Infogrames[613]Snake Rattle n Roll1990Nintendo[614]Snake's Revenge1990Ultra Games (NA)Konami (EU)[615]Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular1990Seika[616]Snow Brothers1991Capcom[617]Soccer1987Nintendo[618]Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship1990Tradewest[619]Solitaire1992American Video Entertainment[620]Solomon's Key1987Tecmo[621]Solstice1990Sony Imagesoft (NA)Software Creations (EU)[622]Space Shuttle Project1991Absolute Entertainment[623]Spelunker1987Brøderbund[624]Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six1992LJN[625]Spiritual Warfare1992Wisdom Tree[626]Spot1990Virgin Interactive[627]Spy Hunter1987Sunsoft[628]Spy VS. Spy1988Seika[629]Sqoon1987Irem[630]Stack-Up1985Nintendo[631]Stanley and the Search for Dr. Livingston1992Electro Brain[632]Star Force1987Tecmo[633]Star Soldier1989Taxan[634]Star Trek 25th Anniversary1992Ultra Games[635]The Next Generation1993Absolute Entertainment[636]Star Voyager1987Acclaim Entertainment[637]Star Wars1991JVC (NA)LucasArts (EU)[638]Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back1992JVC[639]Starship Hector1990Hudson Soft[640]StarTropics1990Nintendo[641]Stealth ATF1989Activision[642]Stinger1987Konami[643]Street Cop1989Bandai[644]Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight1990Capcom[645]Strider1989Capcom[646]Stunt Kids1992Camerica[647]Sunday Funday1995Wisdom Tree[648]Super C1990Konami[649]Super Cars1991Electro Brain[650]Super Dodge Ball1988Sony Imagesoft[651]Super Glove Ball1990Mattel[652]Super Jeopardy!1991GameTek[653]Super Mario Bros.1985Nintendo[654]Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt1988Nintendo[655]Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet1990Nintendo[656]Super Mario Bros./Tetris/Nintendo World Cup1988Nintendo[657]Super Mario Bros. 21988Nintendo[658]Super Mario Bros. 31990Nintendo[659]Super Pitfall1987Activision[6][660]Super Spike V'Ball1990Nintendo[661]Super Spike V'Ball/World Cup Soccer1990Nintendo[662]Super Sprint1989Tengen[663]Super Spy Hunter1992Sunsoft[664]Super Team Games1988Nintendo[665]Super Turrican1992Imagineering[666]Superman1988Seika[667]Swamp Thing1992THQ[668]Sword Master1992Activision[669]Swords and Serpents1990Acclaim Entertainment[670]Taboo: The Sixth Sense1989Tradewest[671]Tag Team Wrestling1986Data East[672]Taggin' Dragon1990Bunch Games[673]Tale Spin1991Capcom[674]Target: Renegade1990Taito[675]Tecmo Baseball1989Tecmo[676]Tecmo Bowl1989Tecmo[677]Tecmo Cup Soccer Game1992Tecmo[678]Tecmo NBA Basketball1992Tecmo[679]Tecmo Super Bowl1991Tecmo[680]Tecmo World Cup Soccer1992Tecmo[681]Tecmo World Wrestling1990Tecmo[682]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1989Ultra Games[683]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game1990Ultra Games[684]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project1992Ultra Games[685]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters1994Konami[686]Tennis1985Nintendo[687]The Terminator1992Mindscape[688]Terminator 2: Judgment Day1992Acclaim Entertainment[689]Terra Cresta1990Vic Tokai[690]Tetris1989Nintendo[691]Tetris1989Tengen[692]Tetris 21993Nintendo[693]The Three Stooges1989Activision[694]Thunder & Lightning1990Romstar[695]Thunderbirds1990Activision[696]Thundercade1989American Sammy[697]Tiger-Heli1987Acclaim Entertainment[698]Tiles of Fate1990American Video Entertainment[699]Time Lord1990Milton Bradley Company[700]Times of Lore1991Toho[701]Tiny Toon Adventures1991Konami[702]Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland1993Konami[703]Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop1992

Does dillon have a track for free rider?

ok guys heres my little track for ya!! Use the bmx bike trust me im still in the mist of working on this though -18 1i 18 1i,152 15s 15j 16b 16a 16m,173 16r 17v 16p 18o 16e,18p 16c 19j 16s,18s 16a 19e 160 19s 15h 1a7 150,3oa 2d6 3ou 2dg 3pm 2do,avr 5r2 bli 5rm,blh 5rk c2c 5r9 dth 7lm,dtl 7lk du6 7lv duv 7m2 dvn 7m3 e0f 7m1 e18 7lt e1v 7lk,e1p 7lj e2f 7lc e36 7l1 e3r 7kh e4d 7k1 e4u 7jd e5b 7ip e5n 7i6,e26 7le e1i 7li e0v 7lm e0b 7lq dvi 7lo dur 7lk du5 7ld dth 7l8 dsu 7l0,e1q 7li esn 7lv,e6p 7lg e73 7i5 eec 7ie eio 7lq,eec 7ic ee7 7lo,esn 7m1 fgp 8lb,fa2 8b0 fai 8bg fb7 8bs fbt 8c4 fcm 8c8 fdg 8c6 fe7 8bv fes 8bk ffd 8b6 ffp 8an,fd1 8fi g5l 8th,g5i 8te gr2 8td,gmm 8t7 he5 8lb,he2 8l8 he1 8tv,gqt 8td hri 8ti,hni 8t8 huu 8qs,hnj 8t7 hmp 8tc,hup 8qp idk 937,i5o 8uo i6e 8un i71 8ud i7f 8tt,idh 935 ie8 932 ifb 936 igh 93b iho 93c ij4 93e ikl 93g im0 93i inc 93l,2tn 1sh 41j 1u9,416 1u6 41h 1v0 42b 1vn 432 20f 42s 21f 42k 22c 42i 23c 42k 24c 42v 25j 43f 26s 445 28c 44t 29l 45t 2au 474 2c5 48g 2d8 4a0 2e7 4bi 2f1 4d6 2fo 4er 2gc 4gi 2gs 4i9 2h6 4jv 2h9 4ll 2h8,4ll 2h8 4n8 2gs 4ol 2gf 4q3 2g0 4rg 2fc 4st 2ek 4ua 2do 4vl 2cq 510 2bp 529 2al 53g 29f 54l 287 55o 26s 56q 25g 57p 243 58n 22k 59l 214 5ai 1vk 5bf 1u9 5c9 1ta 5d5 1sj 5e4 1s9 5f3 1sm 5fn 1th 5g7 1ui 5gl 1vk 5h7 20q 5i2 221 5j1 23b 5ju 24f 5ks 25j 5lt 26p 5n2 27u 5oe 28v 5pu 29t 5rh 2am 5t5 2ba 5ur 2bp 60h 2c2 628 2c3 641 2bt 65q 2bm 67j 2bh 699 2bj 6al 2bu 6bv 2ci 6d0 2d8 6e3 2e7 6f1 2f8 6g3 2gb 6h7 2hf,6h7 2hf 6ic 2ik 6jj 2jr 6kt 2l0 6mb 2lr 6nq 2md 6p4 2mm 6qf 2mj 6rh 2m5 6sh 2lf 6tk 2ki 6uq 2jf 6vq 2ii 70p 2hn 71l 2h8 72g 2gs 736 2go 73e 2hh 73b 2if 73b 2jf 73e 2ki 73t 2lq 74j 2n2 75h 2od 76h 2pf 77m 2qd 78u 2r4 7a2 2ri 7b7 2rv 7cj 2sn 7dq 2tl 7f1 2uo 7g9 300 7hj 31e 7j2 32v 7k8 342 7lt 35c 7nj 36f 7pa 37d 7r2 38d 7se 39a 7tq 3aa 7v4 3be 80e 3cj 81n 3dp 832 3ev 84e 3g3 85p 3h3 87i 3i8 89d 3ja 8b8 3kf,8b8 3kf 8ck 3le 8dv 3mg 8f8 3nj 8gg 3op 8hp 3pv 8j3 3r3 8kg 3s3 8lt 3sv 8nc 3to 8oq 3uh 8q9 3va 8rn 408 8t4 419 8ug 42d 8vr 43j 916 44r 92h 462 93u 479 95c 48c 96r 49b 98a 4a7 99o 4b3 9b6 4c1 9ci 4d3 9dt 4e8 9f6 4fg 9gg 4gp 9hp 4i2 9j3 4jc 9kg 4kj 9lu 4ln 9nb 4mq 9op 4ns 9q6 4ou 9rh 4q2 9so 4r9 9tu 4si 9v2 4tr a07 4v5 a1c 50f a2g 51o a3l 532 a4t 54c a69 55j a7l 56o a91 57r aae 58t abp 5a4 ad4 5bc aee 5cm,aee 5cm afn 5e0 ah1 5fa aia 5gk ajk 5hu aku 5j8 am7 5ki ank 5ls ap2 5n3 aqg 5o8,1b 1h 153 15t,169 16l 16p 16q 17a 16p,2tq 1sh 1a5 151,ap9 5n6 apo 5nk aqe 5nq ar5 5no arq 5nh asd 5n5 asr 5ml at5 5m2 atb 5lf##B 6tv 2jh 1e,B 6uj 2iv 1i,B 6tk 2k0 1h,B 6su 2kh 1k,B 185 16e 1r,B 19a 15t u Downhill massacre try the mountain bike but watch for trapss -18 1i 18 1i,17 1k vj q1,gp e0 pl hm vi pv,vj pv 1jk 1e8 29f 1v3,1sl 1l7 1ta 1lh 1u3 1lp 1v0 1lu 1vs 1m0 20s 1m1 21t 1m1 22q 1m0 23n 1ls 24h 1ln,234 1q7 275 1nv 2cp 1tu 29g 1v1 2m8 29t,25p 1s5 27l 1rh 28h 1sl 274 1t8,2aa 1ss 297 1t6 29h 1u4 2b0 1ts 2ac 1su,2ah 1t9 297 1te,29t 1ss 2a3 1tl,25p 1pc 271 1r0 284 1q9 26u 1ov 25p 1pc,27g 1pl 26d 1q2,26a 1p4 277 1q6,29t 1tf 2a6 1u3,270 1nu 28u 1mm 29v 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again]) 18 1i k 1i,-1i ec -k ec,-au 50a -au 51i -a0 51i,-u0 gs0 -u0 gsu -t2 gsu -t2 gs0,-1aq hq0 -19s hq0 -19s hp2,-19i hsg -18q hsi -185 hst -17o htg -181 hu7 -18j huj -198 hul,-198 hum -19n hum,-1ti jlm -1ti jmk -1t8 jmk,-1i jm -u jm,-1i r6 -k r6,-a 11e -1s 114,-1s 18a 0 18u,-u 1t8 1i 1ts,0 25m 2g 26a,1s 2r8 4m 2ri,42 39k 5k 3a8,9m 3us ak 3us ak 3u8,7g 6n0 tc 6n0,-e1 5tk -fd 5vb -gf 60o -hh 626 -il 63k -jq 651 -kv 66g -m4 67u -nb 69d -oi 6as -pp 6ca -r1 6dp -s9 6f8 -th 6go -uq 6i6 -103 6jm -11c 6l5 -12l 6ml -13u 6o4 -158 6pj -16h 6r3 -17r 6si -175 6ub -15m 6v8,96 5pn a0 5qc an 5r7 bh 5s6 cj 5tb de 5ud ea 5vi f4 60r fq 626 ge 63k h3 653 hn 66i ia 684 iu 69m jh 6ba k4 6cu kn 6ej,18 1i fu -18,-4m 18 -t2 -84,-4m 18 -42 3as,-42 3c4 -3v 3d3 -3s 3e2 -3f 3f4 -32 3g6 -2u 3hb -31 3ig -32 3jl -36 3kp -3g 3lt -3q 3mu -40 3o7 -3q 3pf -3d 3qi -2u 3rj -2a 3s9 -1l 3t6 -19 3u5 -t 3ut,-u 3us -o 3vs -l 41b -j 42p -h 43v -e 459 -b 46h 5 47t m 493 16 4aa 1k 4ba 28 4c8 34 4d2 44 4dn 59 4e5 6a 4eg,hm 4cf 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