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Well, you can convert from child to adult and then have bigger breasts. Other than that, you could find some cheat that might allow this. Without a cheat, I don't believe this can be done.

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Q: Can you get big breasts on the sims 2?
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Can you get big breasts on sims bustin out?

Answer:=No you can not "get" big boobs on the sims bustin out. You can on the sims 2, but for bustin out-no you can't=

What is the cheat code to get bigger breasts for The Sims 2?

What an odd question. There is no cheat code for bigger breasts for The Sims 2. In fact, you can't alter this attribute at all even when you create a new Sim.

What is the cheat to get bigger breasts for The Sims 3?

There is NO cheat on Sims 3 for bigger breasts. Once you buy the expansion pack "Sims 3 Latenight" you can adjust your sims breast size.

How do you get big boobies on the sims 2?

no you cant

How do you make sims breasts and butt bigger on sims 3 PC?

Update it

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in real life you could but the small dog has to me the male in sims no

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