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Q: Can you get another chance to fight Palkia on pearl?
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What event in the pearl dramatizes how greatly they have been divided?

You fight palkia not dialga

How do you get Palkia?

If you want to get it without Wi-Fi, then you need Pokemon Pearl. Then, play the story until you get to Spear Pillar, where you fight Palkia.

Were is palkia in pearl?

Palkia is in spear pillar but only on pearl.

Can you fight Palkia two times in Pokemon pearl?

No as it is a legendary and thus only appears once

How do you pass the man at sunyshore city?

fight dialga in diamond palkia in pearl giratina in platinum

How do you get Dialga or Palkia on Pokemon Pearl?

You can catch Palkia in Pearl and tranfer Dialga to pearl from diamond.

Can you get Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

yes you can catch palkia in pearl and also dialga

How do you catch a Palkia in diamond?

To catch palkia you will need to trade him with Pokemon pearl. NOTE: You catch palkia in pearl and dialga in diamond.

Can you get Palkiain Pokemon Diamond?

You can get Palkia in Pearl, otherwise you have to transfer Palkia from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon Diamond.

Where do you cacth Palkia on Pokemon pearl?

you get palkia in the spear pillar

Does Palkia evolve on pearl?


How do you catch Palkia on dimond?

Palkia can only be caught in pearl not in diamond if you want palkia trade with some one or get pearl or you can obviously cheat but i dont recommend it...