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Yes, go to marvelous bridge (you can't go there until you beat the main story) and then stand in a circular shadow, they pop up now and then. Each time you do you will get some kind of wing.

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Q: Can you get a pretty wing in Pokemon white?
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Where do you sell a pretty wing in Pokemon black?

At any Pokemon Center. There isn't anyone who will buy it for more.

Where to find the wing set in Pokemon black and white?

you can't get a wing set but on one of the bridges there are shadows. if step on one it might be a wing.

Can you trade from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon White?

I am pretty sure.

What is the wing span of the Honduran White bat?

The wing span of the Honduran White bat is about 6 cm (2 1/2 inches).

Where can you get the item pretty wing in Pokemon black?

It can be found on Driftveil Drawbridge or Marvelous Bridge.

What Pokemon can learn fly in Pokemon white?

pretty much every flying type

How do you get zekrom on Pokemon Black?

I'm pretty sure zekrom is only available in Pokemon white

Where did the disappearing lady on tubeline bridge go in Pokemon black?

It relates to the ghost in pokemon white 2/black 2 where she haunts the strange house and in it is the lunar wing and then cresselia will appear on Marvelous bridge if you have the lunar wing.

Who is the Pokemon who held the lunar wing in Pokemon Black 2?

It is Cresseliayou meet Cresselia after the hall of fame in pokemon black+white 2 you need to retrieve the lunar wing first from the Strange House near Reversal Mountain. then go to marvelous bridge and you will meet Cresselia

Where do you get fraxure in Pokemon White version?

Im pretty sure you can get it in victory road.

What age is ash in Pokemon Black and White?

13 im pretty sure

Where can you catch Cresselia in Pokemon White 2?

You can catch Cresselia on Marvelous Bridge, but you need the Lunar Wing, which you get in the Strange House.