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yes liberty

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Q: Can you get a moshling with three love berries?
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Is liberty the moshling an ultra rare moshling?

Liberty, the moshling on Moshi Monsters (a online game) is NOT a Ultra Rare but a Rare moshling, You can get her with: Red Love Berries, Black Love Berries and Any Love Berries.

Which moshling likes the purple love berries and yellow love berries?


What moshling do you get with 3 love berries on Moshi Monsters?

Liberty is the only moshling that is attracted to 3 Love Berries, but two of the Love Berries have to have a specific color.061 Liberty the Happy Statue [Worldies] Black Love Berries, Red Love Berries, any Love Berries

What can you get with red love berries?

a moshling

What moshling can you get with 2 love berries and 1 crazy daisy?

There is no moshling that can be attracted by 2 Love Berries and 1 Crazy Daisy.

What moshling can you get with purple love berries?

you can get cali

What moshling can you get if you plant 2 pink love berries and 1 star blossom?

There is no Moshling that is attracted by 2 pink Love Berries and 1 Star Blossom.

What type of moshling does 1 pink love berries 1 red love berries and 1 purple love berries?

You are soposed to get Liberty.

What moshling likes yellow and red love berries?

cali: blue love berries, yellow love berries, any magic bean

What happens when you plant three love berries on moshimonsters?

Sometimes not all will be love berries, some will be rox flowers. if you try and try you might get liberty the moshling. If you want it you will need 3 pink love berries. add me: diamondheadcrystal

What moshling will you attract if you plant 3 love berries?

061 Liberty the Happy Statue [Worldie] Black Love Berries, Red Love Berries, any Love Berries

What moshling is this a black silly pepper and blue love berries and red love berries?

i like socks