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yes, all you have to do is give it to your Pokemon and clone it.

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Q: Can you get a lot of master balls on Pokemon Firered?
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Can you get a lot of master balls in Pokemon Pearl?

No you only get one master ball in Pokemon pearl. Sorry if this has upset you.

What is the cheat for lot of master balls cheats for Pokemon ruby vba?

well you can make a Pokemon hold a master ball and clone Pokemon

How do you get all the legenarys on Pokemon pearl?

you could use a lot of master balls

How do you get a lot of master balls?

there is a game shark cheat THAT WORKS for Pokemon ruby there is no codes. it's for having all the poke balls,so then you will have 99 master balls and then give one to a Pokemon and trade it. once you have traded it, take the master ball from it and repeat this process.

How do you double master balls in Pokemon soul silver?

save before you get the master ball, and when you do get it, trade a Pokemon over to another game, while the Pokemon holds the master ball (i suggest weak ones). then shut the game off, turn it back off and you will repeat the process. then, after you not only double it, but also triple and 4x the master balls, trade the Pokemon back to your game and you will have a lot of master balls.

What is the cheat code for infinite master balls in Pokemon?

there isn't you can only make a lot of them not infinite

How do you get a lot of master balls in Leafgreen so you can catch a Pokemon?

in or somrthing like that is 1

Where are all the master balls in Pokemon Diamond?

There is only one master ball in Pokemon diamond. But there is a cheat for getting a WHOLE lot more. Look it up at how do you get 98 master balls? I don't know where the master ball is I think it's in a team galatic headquarters.

How do you get unlimited master balls on Pokemon platinum?

truly the only way is to use AR or if you have a lot of friends that are cool

Where do you catch a Mewtwo?

on firered you need to beat the Pokemon league if you have acsess to island 1-7 the kid guarding it wil be gone make sure you have a master ball or a lot of ultra balls and a realy strong Pokemon he is in the back of cerulean cave when you are fighting him watch out he knows recover!

How many ultra balls to equal a master ball?

you cant measure out ultra balls to equal master balls. master balls are just a lot better.

How do you get a Giratina without a master ball?

Well, get a lot of ultra and timer balls. Bring a Pokemon who can paralyze or put him to sleep