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No you must trade from FireRed and LeafGreen

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Q: Can you get a haunter in Pokemon emerald?
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Where can you catch haunter in Pokemon emerald?

You can't catch a Haunter in Emerald. You can trade for one, you can find a Duskull/Dusclops at MT Pyre, but you can't straight out find a wild Haunter.

How do you evolue a haunter in Pokemon Emerald?

The way to evolve Haunter has been, and will always be, by trading. If you have a Haunter in Pokemon Emerald trade it to Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red or Leaf Green and make sure he isn't holding an EVERSTONE as that will prevent its evolution.

Does ghastly evolve in Pokemon emerald version?

yes into a haunter and the trade it to evolve into a gengar

How do you find the hunter in Pokemon Emerald?

unfortunately haunter isn't available on pokemon emerald. However if you want to capture ghost type pokemon, sableye's a good can also choose castform..

Is haunter a good Pokemon?

Yes, Haunter is a very good Pokemon

What type is haunter?

Haunter is a ghost type Pokemon

How can you catch haunter emerald?

you have to trade from another game

How do you get haunter without catching gasly in firered?

look in the Pokemon tower in lavender for haunter. note, haunter is hard to find in the Pokemon tower

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon diamond?

You trade haunter to get gengar.

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon HeartGold?

Trade Haunter and you will get a Gengar.

How do you evolve haunter on Pokemon diamond?

Haunter evolves when traded

What Pokemon appear in diamond if emerald version is inserted?

The Pokémon that appear in Diamond when Emerald is inserted are Pineco, Gligar, Shuckle and Teddiursa/Ursaring. Haunter and Gengar are also included in the game but Haunter and Gengar are added regardless of the Gameboy Advanced game as long as there's 1 inserted.