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No it is not a cheat client. All it is that server has a different mod set up and different maps nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for surf maps start with surf_ if you looking for zombie mod maps start with zm_ now if you do have cheats i must warn you that if their server is VAC secured and has like a shield near server name it is secured and if you cheat there you will be banned if you dont use any hacks good for you high five. If you do then you need to look for a server that doesnt have a shield near the name so its not secure you can use cheats there but how ever other players can report you cheating.

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Q: Can you get VAC banned from playing gamemodes like surf zombie etc on Counter Strike 1.6 Steam?
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Can you get banned for swearing online playing PS3?

Yes it is one of the items that the PlayStation Network has that will allow you to be banned and called Offensive Image or Audio see related question for expanded reasons for being banned

Will someone gameshare black ops first strike map pack on ps3?

Game sharing can get you banned from PSN and the person can hijack your account when you provide your id and password

Where can you download Counter-Strike hacks?

Depending on the hack. Aim Bot, Wall hacks, Speed hack, script etc. they have websites with hacks you can look up, but many of them have viruses and on top of that if you try to hack in Counter Strike they have very good security program called VAC it gets patched every month and all hacks get outdated and people get caught. You will get banned from the multiplayer and will not be allowed to play the game online. You will have to make new steam account and re purchase the game. You can risk it and get the hack and you can try to find a non VAC secured server where you can cheat there and because it's not secured you will not get caught but it doesn't stop other players from reporting you to steam.

Why am i restricted from playing a forge map i created in the local lobby on halo 3?

its probably modded or hacked or banned.

Can you get banned for modding Campaign and Special Ops on MW2 on an online account?

Yes. Any modding of the game, no matter what game type you are playing, can get you banned on an online account. This does not include getting out of maps/glitches in system.

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Will you get banned for using skins in Counter Strike?

Well, it depends on WHICH skins your using for Counter-Strike, Some Skins has malicious codes that can cause you to get VAC'd so becareful.

Are counter strike source scripts unpatchable on VAC?

You cannot get VAC banned using scripts.

What happens if you cheat in Counter Strike?

your ip address in banned and you cannot play on servers If you cheat in counter-strike, the cheat will have effect on whatever cheat you used and the computer might go slow. Hayato

What are the ratings and certificates for Half-Life Counter-Strike - 2000 VG?

Half-Life Counter-Strike - 2000 VG is rated/received certificates of: Brazil:(Banned) South Korea:15 USA:M

How banned in counter strike?

By hacking. Like being able to see through walls, unlimted health, etc.

Is it possible to hide from bots in counter strike?

yes its a glitch but you can get banned from the server for doing it and i know ive seen people do it

Are strike anywhere matches banned in Australia?


How do you hack counter-strike 1.6 and please be as detailed and simple as possible?

As simple and as detailed as possible? Without being rude I'll try.. Don't be a touche and hack, steam can detect hacks and will ban your account, thus being not only banned from CS, but all of your steam games as well. But if you want to hack, i hope you get banned. :) Counter Strike 1.6 WallHack only available from How it works: 1.paste the file to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR NICK\counter-strike 2.and connect to the server only as much 3.hack is not detectable by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) 4.have fun :)

How do you make a laser dot for your skin in counter-strike source?

You find one on FPSBANANA.COM I suggest not using skins/models because they can usually get you banned, check with other users before installing.

Who is fps Doug?

Fps Doug is a 20 somethin year old gamer who is probably this BIGGEST legend on Counter Strike Source. He is know for his catch phrase "BOOM HEAD SHOT!!" every time he gets a head shot kill and is so skillful at counter strike that he always gets banned from severs for thinking hes hacking (cheating).

Are you able to cheat on Counter-Strike source if you are not an administrator?

It is possible to hack, but I highly discourage it, because if caught, you could be banned from all your games on Steam.Anyways, the game is easy enough that you wouldn't need to cheat.

How do you connect a banned counter strike server?

Its not possible unless you BEG to get unbanned. If there is anyone of your contact in the server,The Admin Almighty...... then you will have to beg to get UnBanned. Its tough, and if you hack, then dont play. It ruins your game. :D