Can you get Pokemon FireRed on ds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can use the original Game Boy Advance games in the DS/ DS Lite Slot 2, however you will not be able to trade with other FireRed/LeafGreen players.

To do this you need a Game Boy Advance and the cables/ wireless attachments.

This is for FireRed/LeafGreen only, not the original Red/Blue which were for Game Boy/ Game Boy Colour. These older, large cartridges will not fit in the DS.

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Q: Can you get Pokemon FireRed on ds?
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Do Pokemon FireRed have chimchar on pokemopn Pokemon FireRed leafgreen?

no it does not. the games for the ds will have it

Is there going to be a Pokemon FireRed for ds?


How do you get a pokeradar in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't its in the ds Pokemon games

Will Pokemon FireRed work on the ds?


Is pokemon FireRed for DS?

no only gba

Is Pokemon FireRed is for a ds?

It could be in a DS,Gameboy,and Game Cube.

Can you trad gba games to ds games?

Yes if you have Pokemon firered and Pokemon diamond for instance you can migrate your firered Pokemon into your diamond version!

How do you get shine stone in Pokemon FireRed?

you don't its only in ds Pokemon games

Can Pokemon FireRed and leaf green be played in the ds?

Yes it has a slot in the bottem in the ds.

How do you migrate Pokemon of FireRed?

you put FireRed at the bottom of your DS. Then if you have Pokemon Diamond,Pearl or Platnum insert those into your DS and where it shows where your saved game go down a little bit and it should say "Migrate From FireRed."

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon FireRed using Nintendo DS?

no you can only trade using a game boy to a game boy with the link cable.

How do you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to platinum?

put it in your gba spot on your ds. then turn on the ds. when you go to the main menu press migrate from firered. choose yes then yes and pick your Pokemon. then go to pal park then done note: you can't return your Pokemon back to firered so be careful