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you can find them near the daycare center i have 5 boxes filled with dittto

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Q: Can you find a Ditto in the safari zone in soul silver?
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How do you get a gible that is shiny in heartgold and soul silver?

you can get gible in the safari zone but to get gible shiny you need to breed a gible whit a ditto but you need a Chinese ditto

How do you find Ditto in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can find dittos in the grass around the daycare

Where can you find a Ditto in Pokemon soul silver?

You can find it in the safari zone wetland, but they're real tricky to get; Or you could trade from another game, with a friend. Migrate your Ditto like I did with my sappire game. You could also do ruby, elemald, leaf green, or fire red.

What Pokemon are in what safari areas in soul silver?

I have seen Ditto, Spearow, Pidgey, Magnaton, Gravelar, and Jigglypuff so far. Hope this helps!

Were to get Ditto in soul silver?

you can find ditto in the grass near the day care center it takes a couple tries but you can eventually find one

How can you Get a igglybuff?

in soul silver you can find a jigglypuff in the safari zone and breed

Where in the safari zone can you find merkrow in soul silver?

Forest Area.

Where to find Lotad in Soul Silver?

You can obtain a Lotad in the Safari Zone.

Which safari zone area do you find riolu in soul silver?

in the meadow

Picture of where to find lickitung on soul silver?

You can find it in the Mountain Portion of the Safari Zone.

Where do you find lavitar in Pokemon Soul Silver?

mt. silver and you can rarely get it in Safari Place. x

Where can you get a Ditto in soul silver?

Below Goldenrod CIty but its a low chance but you'll find them.