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You cannot, the point to pal park is to get Pokemon from ruby,sapphire,emerald,leafgreen, and firered

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Q: Can you enter the pal park without migrating?
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How do you play the pal park game without migrating?

You dont.

How can you get in pal park without migrating Pokemon?

oh yes you can, i think because my brother caught an absol without migrating them

Can you get into pal park without migrating?

No you must get past the guy who asks you if you have migrated pokemon. You have to migrate or you can't go in.

Pokemon pal park without catching?

You can go into the Pal Park and then leave without catching anything. Sometimes you have to, actually. For instance, if you are migrating some ocean Pokemon and you didn't bring any Pokemon with you that allow you to surf... you need to leave, change your party, and come back.

How do you catch regice registeel and regirock in diamond without cheating?

you cant only migrating them and catching them in pal park ruby sapphire emerald and maby more

What Pokemon can i enter the pal park with?

you pooo

Pokémon pearl how to get in the pal park without migrating?

You have to use the cheat, run through everything or walk through everything. ( P.S. I have no idea what the codes are for those cheats) # # ______

Can you get regsteel on Pokemon pearl?

You can only get Registeel by migrating it from the Generation III Pokemon games to the Pal Park.

How do you get pal park without migrating?

in platinum: Pal Park is in the same place as it was in Diamond and Pearl. At the end of Route 221. If you go south from Sandgem Town, and surf all the way to the right, you'll get to Pal Park. Diamond And Pearl: Found on route 221 after you get the National Pokedex, Pal Park is the only means of transferring Pokemon to your game from your past games. however this only works with games of the same language and region. hope this helps :)

Can you get celabe in Pokemon plantnuim can you please answer?

Celebi can be obtained through Pal Park in Pokemon Platinum. If you can't find it in Pal Park, try trading, or migrating it from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen.

Where do you get Blastois on Pokemon Diamond?

You can only get it by trading or by migrating through the pal park from fire red or leaf green.

Can you get into pal park in Pokemon heart gold from migrating pokemon from Pokemon emerald?

Singns point to yes PEACE