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You can sell them to noobs.

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Q: Can you do anything with burnt food on RuneScape?
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What can you do with burnt things on RuneScape?

you cant do anything but sale and not many people would want to by burnt food for no use sorry:((

Where can you find a piece of burnt meat in RuneScape?

Burnt meat can be obtained by using a piece of cooked meat on a fire or range.

What how much gp do you get from High Alching 1 burnt shark on RuneScape?


Is RuneScape have anything to do with an occult?

Runescape is an online game, for you to have fun.

What type of food do magpies eat on runescape?

Magpie's do not eat anything in runescape. They are a summoning familiar that is used to collect "shiny objects." They have a chance of randomly finding jems and rings throughout the period that they are summoned.

What do you call burnt food at the bottom of a cooking pan?

Burnt food in the bottom of a cooking pan is called scorched food.

How do you get burnt utensils in harvest moon ds cute?

There is no utensil to make burnt food. You get burnt food by cooking something that does not create a successful dish.

How do you make burnt dishes on Harvestmoon?

why u asking this? random food + random food = burnt dish

What do you do with burnt chicken in runescape?

nothing just drop it if you dont know how to do this right click on it then say drop

Is it harmful to eat burnt food?

It may taste bad, but actually it could be good for you to some degree. Charcoal in small quantities is sometimes used to aid in digestion and help stomach aches. Not to worry.

Is there any game like naruto in runescape?

No, there isn't anything like naruto in runescape!

Does burnt food inhalation harm unborn baby?

No. Things like drugs and drinking do, but not smelling burnt food.