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Yes. Go to the data management section and say yes to erasing it.

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Q: Can you delete the internet icon on your DSi?
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How On the dsi how can you get things on the dsi shop?

Once you have connected your DSi to the Internet, go on the icon on the DSi Menu that has the two shopping bags - this is the Shop Icon. You can then buy things with your DSi points.

How do you get your internet back on your dsi if you delete it on mistake?

You can go to the "app store" on the dsi and go tho the free option. That's where you can get the internet back on.

How do you delete downloaed games on dsi?

Go to the settings icon(wrench) tap on data management find the app or game you want to delete then select delete, then answer yes

How do you use the internet on the dsi?

Well when you turn your dsi on if you have the internet icon in the list then click it.If it don't work then go to settings and click internet settings and you have to find a connection to make it work then when u done that go back to the internet icon and click it and see if it works if it doesn't then i don't worked for me when i did it then i accerdentily dealted it lol ya xx

How do you delete regain DSI games?

If you delete your DSi store games, you can redownload them from the DSi store itself.

How do you get internent on you dsi?

First you have to sort out the internet connections and you can do this on Settings. Then you go on the DSi Games shop, it is an icon that is already there (the blue one) and if that loads then that means your internet connection is working. When you are in the DSi game shop, go on DSi Ware. Then there should be numbers. Click on Free an then click on INternet Web Browser or something and download it. ;D xx EdwardJacob xx

How to get the Internet on a DSi?

I dont really get what your saying. But if your saying how to get internet for the dsi. Go to dsi shop > dsi ware > free > DSi internet

How do you get a phone icon on my dsi?

its impossible!

How to get web icon in to DSi?

You must be connected to the internet then you tap on the DSI shop there are 4 prise ranges Free,200,500, and 800+ you must have DSI points that you can buy in stores or use a credit card buy one and you will then get a present on your DSI menu click on it and you will have a new icon

How to get internet on Nintendo dsi?

how do get internet on Nintendo dsi

How do you change your icon on flip note hatena DSi?

Go to "Edit Icon" and pick your icon.

Does it cost money to get internet on the DSi?

No,it doesn't cost money to get internet into a DSi. The internet already comes on the DSi.