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Rock band in its many forms is one of the most popular music related games available today. However, the drums can vary between systems. If you are using an Xbox 360 and your friend has a PS3 you will not be able to use the same drums.

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Q: Can you convert xbox 360 rock band drums to PS3?
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Can Xbox 360 guitar hero world tour drums be used on rock band?

no rock band and guitar heroes drums are completely different

Where can you trade in your ps3 rock band drums for xbox 360 rock band drums?

if you still have the reciept wherever you bought them from if not try game stop or a pawn shop

What controllers do you need to play rock band 2 on xbox 360?

okay if you what to play with the drummer you need the rock band controllers and the drums

Does the mic and drums come with rock band 2 xbox 360?

If its a special edition package.

Can you play rock band games with the guitar hero guitar in the xbox 360?

Yep, but the Rock Band drums won't work on the new guitar hero games.

Will guitar hero drums work for rock band ps2?

Assuming that your Guitar Hero guitar is a PlayStation 2 version and not Xbox or Wii, then yes it is compatible with Rock Band for PS2.

Is there rock band for origanal Xbox?

There is no rock band for the xbox.

Can you play the drum kit rock band for xbox 360 like regular drums?

No, there are not enough pads and they are not in the right places (cramped together instead of spread at a reasonable distance). Having the coordination to play the drums regularly will probably mean you can play the Rock Band drums as well.

Can I play Rock Band with the Xbox 360 controller for example in place of the drums?

No, its not possible thanks to the programmers. It sucks in that regard.

Where can you buy Rock Band for the original XBox?

"Where can you buy Rock Band for the original XBox?"

Will rock band 2 drums work for guitar hero metallica on xbox 360?

no, because they are from different companys and are diffrent gaming stations.

Does the rock band bundle for the Xbox 360 come with the rock band game?

No it doesn't, you'll need to purchase "Rock Band:Solus" Edit:I have just got rock band for Christmas the band bungle and i got the drums the wireless guitar and the game so yes it does! Another Edit: No, you can order bundles that come with the game, but Rock Band: Band in a Box does NOT come with the game