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i dont think so there may be a cheat on game shark but i have no idea

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Q: Can you continue fire red after beating elite 4 in a gba emulator?
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How do you get a fire stone without beating the elite four in platinum?

There is a fire stone in the solaceon ruins.

What is there to do on Pokemon fire red after beating the elite four?

you get to level 100 what else

How do you get to four island without beating the Elite Four in Fire Red?

you can't =( *sorry*

What to do after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Fire Red?

you can go on the seivii islands 4 to 7

What fire type is best for beating the first elite 4 person on Pokemon platinum?

the best fire Pokemon u could have to beat the elite 4 would be blaziken over level 75 or higher

How do you load your game after you beat the elite four on Pokemon fire red?

After beating the elite four your Pokemon are entered into the hall of fame when that happens the game will save automatically now you have 2 choices: Wait until the credits finish to continue playing or turn off the GBA return it on and then continue playing either way works. Simply press A on Continue to resume your current game it should be saved at Pallet Town if it is then you have successfully defeated the elite four and now you can go on to completing the side quests of the game.

What is the best strategy for beating the first elite four leader at the Pokemon league on Pokemon diamond?

Have a good Fire and/or Ground Type...

Can you get raikuo after beating the elite four once?

No you can not in ruby, saphire, or emerad, only in fire red, leaf green, or HG, SS

When do the Team Rocket Grunts at Mt Ember battle you in LeafGreen and fire red?

After beating the elite four and getting the national dex.

What is the best team for beating the elite four in Pokemon fire red?

There isn't a specific team for beating the Elite Four, but I would recommend having a fire-type, a flying-type, a dark-type, an ice-type and two more different types. To make sure you win, have all of these Pokemon at least Lv. 65. Expect the unexpected. . .

Witch is the best Pokémon in Pokémon Fire and how can you get it?

mewto: curulean cave after beating the elite four, really hard without master ball, i still haven't succeeded mew: curulean cave after beating elite four 5 times (i haven't proven this one yet, might not be true)

Can you catch Aron in Pokemon FireRed?

No, but you can trade aron from ruby to fire red by beating the elite four and getting the ruby and sapphire and giving them to celio