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There is one way, in pvp one of you take 76k into the wilderness and let the other person kill you, the other person [one without money] must kill you with a rune weapon. The drop will be over 100k worth of items, then you do in reverse do not add the person only join there clan as it will affect the drop

This is not the only way, however, these are some websites and free apps:

Sal's Realm of Rune Scape : Tips, City Guides, Place Guides, Monster Guides, Quest Help. (PC)

Rune Scape Wikipedia : It has got a page on everything. (PC)

RS Monster Database : Has a list of all the monsters (for iPod and iPhone)

Quest Companion : Has a guide on every quest. (for iPod and iPhone)

RS Skills App : Has a list and guide on all the skills (for iPod, iPhone and iPad)

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Q: Can you cheat in Runescape and if so how?
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What are some cheat codes for RuneScape?

There are no cheat codes for RuneScape.

What is the best RuneScape cheat site?

Do NOT cheat in RuneScape, as your account will get banned.

How do you get 60 attack in runescape?

train or use a cheat.(I'm not telling what the cheat is so HAHAHAHA!>:)

Is there a cheat on Runescape?

There is no way to cheat on Runescape, may people have tried and lost runescape accounts over it.

How do you enter cheat codes in RuneScape?

There arent any cheat codes for runescape! Jagex has said it multiple times. THERE ARE NO CHEAT CODES FOR RUNESCAPE, NOR WILL THERE EVER.

What is the cheat on RuneScape where you get 10GP every second?

Jagex clearly states in the game that their are no cheats what so ever for Runescape.

How do you cheat RuneScape?

It is highly unrecommended to cheat on RuneScape because your account can be permanently banned.

Are there any cheat codes for RuneScape?

No, there are no cheats whatsoever, on Runescape, so it's worthless trying to looking for them.UNSELL you use cheat engine which can make you want to regert using it.

How can you get a cheat engine for RuneScape . but in an easy version?

There is no cheat engine for runescape. What is the point in cheating anyway?, Where is the fun in that?

How do people get RuneScape on the cheat engine list?

You can not cheat on runescape and it's there all you have to do is go to windows list.

RuneScape cheat engine?

There is no such thing as a cheat engine for Runescape, anything claiming to be is likely malware.

What are cheats on RuneScape?

There are no cheats on Runescape. It is a "cheat free" game.