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No, you can't

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Q: Can you change your location in pokemon blackand white on geonet?
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How do you get to the unity tower?

You can get to the Unity Tower by taking the boat that is docked by the Unity Pier dock in Castelia City however you will need to have your location registered by the Geonet globe and you will also need to do an international trade with another player that also has their location info registered with the Geonet globe.

How do you get to Unity Tower in Pokemon Black?

When you trade with someone who registered their location from the Geonet globe, go to castelia city and from one of the ports should be a ship that will let you get to Unity tower and meet people who also traded with people fom all over the world! It also has 131 floors!

Hw many earthquakes happen in new zealand?

According to GeoNet, around 20,000 earthquakes happen in and around New Zealand each year. Fortunately, only around 250 of those are strong enough to be felt.

Where was the epicentre of the Christchurch earthquake 2011?

The epicentre was near charing cross just south-east of Darfield. to find out the time size and locayon +depth ot all tremers go to geonet

Were there any warnings about the 2007 Gisborne earthquake in New Zealand in 2007?

It is not possible to issue warnings about earthquakes at present as they cannot be predicted with current knowledge.It is hoped that in the future, warnings will be able to be issued for some types of earthquakes that have foreshocks (smaller earthquakes that happen before the major quake). There is no mention of foreshocks for the Gisborne 2007 quake on the Geonet website. There were aftershocks. See the related links.

Where can you get meloetta?

Meloetta is an event-only Pokémon so there is no way to officially get it except via an official event however there are unofficial ways to receive it such as through a cheating device like an Action Replay or via a newly discovered method that is known as GTS Distribution, more information will be in the Related Links below however it is true that there is a site that allows you to have any Pokémon you want from Kanto to the Unova region all you have to do is the following instructions 1. go to your settings in the DS or 3DS and go to internet. 2. there should be a button that says DNS, click it and there should be a Yes and No button, click Yes. 3 on the site there should be a code on the top of the page that is in black and in a red box 4. copy the code into the DNS code area (delete the numbers that were in there already ) 5. make an account on the website then look for the Pokémon you want or in this case "Meloetta" download GTS 7. go to the Pokémon Center then go to the girl that is closest to the Geonet Globe and talk to her, she will ask you if you want to battle or trade 8. click trade GTS then you should be entering the Global Trade area and your screen should be loading 9. you will receive a Poké Ball and inside it should be the Pokémon you wanted.

Is sand mountain a constructive or destructive force?

In considering whether landslides are a constructive or destructive force we need to look at what might be created or destroyed by one. Depending on where it occurs, a landslide may destroy: * a hillside * vegetation such as a forest * buildings * roads It may also create: * a lake (by creating a new dam) * a plain (by filling in part of a valley or levelling a slope) * a scree ((by removing vegetation) * a mudpile * a rockpile. We generally consider landslides as destructive, because although they may create things, they do destroy other things in the process, and these are things we are used to having there or desire to have there. They also cause temporary chaos and are unplanned, so their destructive aspect is much more significant. See the Geonet link below for photos and information about a landslide in September 2007 that dammed the Young River and created a new 2.5km lake in Mt Aspiring National Park, Fiordland, in the South Island of New Zealand. The new lake is still there but it is not known whether the dam will be permanent or breached by heavy rain at some point. See the other link for the latest information from the Department of Conservation on the safety of hiking/tramping on the Gillespie Pass track which goes up this valley.