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As with any Pokemon, you need to only bring its health down and use appropriate Pokeballs. It will disappear if defeated, however, a common misconception is that once any legendary Pokemon in Black/White is defeated then it can't be caught again. If it has run away, fear not. If it's the first play-through of the game then you'll have to wait until you can challenge the Elite Four and catch Zekrom/Reshiram until you can battle any of the legendary Pokemon again (if they haven't already been caught).

However, should anyone accidentally defeat Virizion, Kyurem, Terrakion or Cobalion and save afterwards, then all you have to do is beat the Elite Four and Alder, the League Champion again. Your game will save and you'll be back at your house from the beginning. From here, simply travel back to Rumination Field via Pinwheel Forest and it will be back again.

Hopefully this clears up any doubts about defeating Legendary Pokemon instead of catching them.

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Q: Can you catch virizion if you beat him?
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Where do you catch virizion in Pokemon white?

You catch it in the Pinwheel Forest but only after you have caught Cobalion, which is at Mistralton cave ok, but what if you already beat it. then what do you do?

Where can you find virizion?

To even get to Virizion, you have to catch Cobalion in Mistralton Cave. Virizion, is in Pinwheel Forest.

Where to catch virizion?

In Pokemon White, you can find virizion in a clearing in pinwheel forest that isn't accessable untill you catch Cobalion.

How do you get to the legendary Pokemon virizion?

you first have to catch/defeat the legendary pokemon cobalion in mistralion cave you catch virizion in pinwheel forest

Can virizion come back again?

It seems any legendaries you failed to catch will come back after you beat the Elite Four (if you've already done it, go beat them again).

How do you catch virizion on Pokemon black?

First you have to catch Cobalion in the Challengers cave and then you go to Pinwheel Forest. In the east there is a passage to a small field and Virizion is there.

How do you catch virizion in Pokemon black?

first you have to beat the Pokemon league, then you go to mistralton cave ( near driftveil city ) and catch cobalion. (YOU HAVE TO CATCH COBALION BEFORE YOU CAN GET VIRIZION). Then you go to pinwheel forest (near nacrene city) and you go through a gap between the fence and follow the path until you get to the rumination field. If there are boulders blocking the way you will have to go and catch terrikon first

Why cant you get to virizion in Pokemon black?

Did you already catch Cobalion? it is impossible to catch virizion until you have caught cobalion. I'm not sure what happens if you faint good luck

Do you have to catch cobalion to get virizion?

Yes, you need Cobalion to catch Virizion. You also need him to catch Terrakion in Victory Road. They are called something like the musket three but i forgot. You meet all of them at level 42.

Who do you catch first cobalion terrakion or virzion?

You first have to catch Cobalion so you can then catch Virizion. Because when you go to pinweel forest there are some stones covering the path to Virizion so I'd recommend getting Cobalion first. Then after that you can catch Terrakion.

Where do catch virizion in Pokemon white?

In Pinwheel Forest Rumination Field but, only after you catch Cobalion.

How do you get virizion in Pokemon white if you kill it?

beat the Pokemon league