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No,he came out in generation 4 not 2

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Q: Can you catch Arceus in Pokemon Crystal?
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How do you catch Arceus in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can't catch Arceus. You can only catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum.

Where can you find Arceus in Pokemon White?

You can't catch arceus in pokemon white.

Where and how to catch Arceus in pokemon black?

You cannot catch Arceus in Black or White. Arceus was an Event-only Pokemon from the 4th generation and must be transferred over.

Where do you catch an Arceus in Pokemon?

run after it !!

Is Arceus in Pokemon White?

no you cannot catch arceus in pokemon black without action replay

Where to catch Arceus in emerald with no cheat?

its impossible arceus is a sinnoh pokemon

How do you catch Arceus on Pokemon soul silver?

i am sorry but you cannot obtain arceus in Pokemon heartgold or soulsilver.

Where do you catch Arceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't.

How do you catch Arceus in platnium?

Arceus is an event Pokemon and can only be obtained by an event.

Where do you catch Arceus in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

you cannot catch arceus but you can get it as a MYSTERY GIFT you from trading with DIAMOND/PEARL/PLATINUM.anyway i hope you enjoy your arceus.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon Ruby?

if you want to catch arceus you can,t but if you get Pokemon arceus version avalible on eBay and a connecting cable you can trade arceus with yourself so you can have it on ruby.

Where do you catch Arceus in soul silver?

You can't get arceus in Pokemon soulsilver unless you trade from another Pokemon game.