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no you cannot buy game corner coins in the newer versions of Pokemon gold and silver anymore.

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Q: Can you buy game corner coins in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where can you get ice beam in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get it at Seafoam Islands or buy it with 10,000 Coins at the Goldenrod Game Corner.

How can you get a dratini in a trade in goldenrod in Pokemon heartgold?

get a lot of coins in the game corner and then buy it from one of the guys next to the game

How do you get porgon in pokemon heartgold?

You can buy it with 9,999 Coins at the Celadon Game Corner Exchange. (Wow, that's a lot!)

Can you buy a thunderbolt in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Goldenrod city Game Corner, you can get Thunderbolt for 10,000 coins, or go to Cerulean Cave.

How do you get to where you buy Pokemon from the game corner in diamond?

You can not buy Pokemon from the game corner in Pokemon diamond, but you can in heartgold and soulsilver

Where do you find TM flamethrower in Pokemon heartgold?

You can find the TM Flamethrower in the Game Corner in Goldenrod city for 10,000 prize coins.

Where do you find Porygon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you cant find porygon so you have to earn it by spending 999999 coins from the game corner in celadon city.You can buy Porygon at the Celadon Game Corner. It is the most expensive Pokemon (I can't remember how expensive!)Porygon can be bought from the Celadon Game Corner for 9,999 coins. Coins can be obtained in SoulSilver (As well as HeartGold.) by playing the minigame, "Voltorb Flip."

Is there a place to buy Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can buy Pokemon, though not with the money you buy stuff like potions with. In Goldenrod city and Celadon city there is a game corner, you play a coin game called Voltorb Flip and earn coins. You can buy Pokemon with the coins too. In Goldenrod, you can buy an Abra (200 coins), an Ekans [HeartGold] or a Sandshrew [SoulSilver] (700 coins) and a Dratini (2100 coins). At Celadon, you can buy a Mr. Mime (3333 coins), an Eevee (6666 coins) and a Porygon (9999 coins).

How do you get a second evee in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can get another eevee as a prize in the Celadon Game Corner in kanto for 6666 coins, or you can breed it in the day care and hatch an egg.

How do you get a Porygon in Pokemon Soul Silver?

There is a Game Corner in GoldenRod City and in Celadon City where you play games and earn coins. At the Game Corner you are able to get Pokemon for coins. The Pokemon you can get there and their prices are as follows: At the Goldenrod Game Corner you can get: Abra- 200 coins Ekans(G) Sandshrew(S)- 700 coins Dratini-2,100 coins At the Celadon Game Corner, you can get: Mr. Mime-3,333 coins Eevee-6,666 coins Porygon-9,999 coins

Where can you buy coins in Pokemon FireRed?

At the celadon city game corner a man behind the counter in the game corner will give you coins.

How do you get Porygon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You must win it at the Celadon City Game Corner.