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No, you can't buy berries in Pokémon Diamond.

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Q: Can you buy berries in Pokemon Diamond?
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Where can you buy Pokemon food in Pokemon Diamond?

u cant get Pokemon food u need to make poffins

Where can you get wiki berries in Pokemon diamond?

Grows on Route 210.

Where can apicot berries be found in Pokemon diamond?

they r not in this game

What wild Pokemon have a high percentage of holding a berry in Pokemon Diamond?

Bidoof usually holds berries, the are always oran berries in Platinum, so it should be the same in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Hope this helped:)

Where do you find wiki berries on Pokemon Diamond?

You can find berries on Pokemon Diamond is that you can plant them.For free berries,you can find them in Route 211,in a house above where a man was,a girl in Pastoria City,and a girl in Floaroma in the Floaroma shop.

Should I buy Pokemon Diamond or the sims 2 pets?

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

Where to find pemtre berries in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Pamtre berries in Amity Square in Hearthome City

How do you buy Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You do not buy them, you CATCH them.

In Pokemon diamond where can you buy elixirs?

Unfortunately, you can't buy them. You can only find them in hidden area's or in rocks. An alternative is to grow Leppa Berries, since they restore PP as well.

How do you grow berries in Pokemon diamond quicker?

by using the sprayduck or waiting

What wild pokemon can you catch in pokemon diamond?

mostly berries but it could be something else.

How do you get to where you buy Pokemon from the game corner in diamond?

You can not buy Pokemon from the game corner in Pokemon diamond, but you can in heartgold and soulsilver