Can you breed fossil Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, but the fossil Pokemon has to be female, or the egg will turn out to be the OTHER Pokemon. (Eg Female tympole and male Tirtouga = baby tympole)

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Q: Can you breed fossil Pokemon
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What type is the Pokemon Omanyte?

No. Omanyte is a fossil Pokemon. Fossil Pokemon can't be found in the wild, but have to be brought back through a fossil and then you can breed them after that, but it isn't a legendary.

Can you have a dome and helix fossil in FireRed?

Yeah you can. You can ask a friend who has one of the Kanto Games to trade a Pokemon holding the fossil and you can regenerate it, breed another Pokemon of the fossil it regenerates, then trade back!

Can fossil Pokemon have eggs?

No, fossil Pokémon cannot breed and lay eggs in the Pokémon games. Fossil Pokémon are prehistoric species that have been revived through scientific methods, so they do not have the ability to reproduce through traditional breeding methods.

Which fossil has which Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Cover Fossil is Tirtouga. Plume Fossil is Archen.

How do you breed a starter in Pokemon emerald?

After you beat the elite four go to the fossil maniacs house and go into his cave he should be finished digging go into the extension of the cave and catch a ditto put the ditto and starter pokemon in the daycare and that is how you breed starter

Which Pokemon fossil can you get in Pokemon heart gold rampardos or bastrodon?

You cannot get Skull Fossil or Armor Fossil in Pokemon HeartGold.

Which Pokemon can breed with Ditto on Pokemon Pearl?

Any Pokemon that can breed, can breed with Ditto.

What Pokemon is the root fossil in Pokemon sapphire?

root fossil is lileep claw fossil is anorith

What are the two fossil Pokemon of Pokemon Black?

Tirtouga from the Cover fossil, and Archen from the Plume fossil.

What pokemon is in the dome fossil in pokemon fire red?

Kabuto is in the dome fossil and Omanyte is in the helix fossil.

How do you get the Pokemon that comes out of a fossil on Pokemon Platinum?

At the museum in Oreburgh City there is a man that will get the pokemon out of the fossil.

What pokemon does the Dome Fossil turn into in Pokemon FireRed?

The Dome Fossil can be revived into the pokemon kabuto.