Can you breed a victini

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. It is unable to breed.

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Q: Can you breed a victini
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Can victini breed?

No, Victini cannot breed.

Can you breed Victini in Pokemon Black and White?

No, Victini is unbreedable.

Can you get a victini egg on Pokemon White?

Victini does not breed, so you can not get an egg.

What Pokemon can you breed with victini?

None. You can't breed with legendary Pokemon (except for manaphy)

Can you breed victini in Pokemon White?

No Because here is a lendgendary and can not be breeded? hope this helps...

Can you breed Ditto and Zekrom?

Legendaries dont breed... neither do the legendary dogs, muskateers, elves, birds, dragons, Mew and Mew 2, Victini, or the Kami trio.

Is victini a legandary?

Yes, Victini is a Legendary.

When was Victini created?

Victini was created in 2010.

What is the little evolvesment of victini?

victini has no little evolution

How do you evolve victini?

Victini does NOT evolve in Pokemon Black or White.

Does victini evolve in Pokemon Black?

No, Victini doesn't evolve.

Who wants to trade a victini for a zorua?

I will trade you a zorua for a victini