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The traditional way is to work your hardest and earn promotions. But, if you want a cheat it is testingcheatsenabled on. You hold down shift while pressing the mail box and then choose set career...

Note: If you Use this cheat you will not have all the requirements for the position and you would need to catch up before you get fired or demoted.

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Q: Can you become the Boss of a career in The Sims 3?
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Can you become a teacher on the Sims 3?

You need the sims 3 ambitions. If you do then when you click on the school you can join the EDUCATION career.

How do you become the mayor for sims 3?

join the political career track.

How do you be a robber in Sims 3?

You join the Criminal Career, and go through all the levels on that career, then you become a robber.

How do you become a mad scientist in sims 3?

you need to get to level 10 in the science career.

Can you become a basketball player in sims 3?

NO. But you can join the Professional Sports career option.

How can you become a burgular on the sims 3 on the ds?

You click on the bistro & it says join the burglar career then you click on that & your Sims go to the bistro.

How do you get a music career on Sims 3?

You can get a music career on Sims 3 by going to the theatre and clicking on the option 'Join music career'

What is a political career in the Sims 3?

A political career in the Sims 3 can be obtained by going to the City Hall. Your sims will need a high charisma level to get to the top of the political career latter.

Can a Sim marry his boss in The Sims 3?

Yes, they can talk to there boss and have relations with them.

Sims 3 is there a modeling career?


How do you get to be a boss of a career on sims 3?

you can use the cheat testingcheatsenabled truethen hold down the shift key and click the mail box, then click set career go into the career you want and go to the one that sounds the best to you! XD coolies

What kind of jobs are in the sims 3 late night?

There are all sorts of jobs on the Sims 3 Late Night ranging from Business, Military, and even the Film career if you want to be a hotshot. Note: The Film career is a new career that has been added to the The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack.