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Yes, but only in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

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Q: Can you be shinx on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
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How do you be shinx on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3?

male:hasty no female shinx

On Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time should I be shinx or piplup?

I would suggest a piplup if you are a girl, but if you are a boy, a shinx.

What Pokemon can you trade from mystery dungeon of time to Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

Pokemon cannot be traded in the Mystery Dungeon series.

Can Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1 connect with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?


Can Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon expolers of darkness trade items?


When does shinx learn good moves in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Level 20 is when it learns Spark, and then he starts to learn all sorts of other moves like Discharge.

Is shinx in mystery dungeon as a starter male only?

Yes it is and it is the hasty type I hope this helps

How do you be a Shedinja in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon shadows of almia?

there is no Pokemon mystery dungeon shadows of almia....

How do you let your Pokemon learn a TM move on Pokemon mystery dungeon darkness?

Pokemon cant on mystery dungeon

Can you breed Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

You can't breed Pokemon in the mystery dungeon games.

Mystery dungeon time?

Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time.

Is there an unknown dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Yes there is a unknown dungeon in Pokemon blue mystery dungeon! You'll have to connect with your friends if you want to go there