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You can't unless you hack into the game's programming.

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Q: Can you battle professor oak in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you battle profoak on Pokemon FireRed?

You can NOT battle Professor Oak in Pokemon FireRed Version, even with an Action Replay

How do you get Professor Oak's other pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Obtaining all of Professor Oak's Pokemon can only be accomplished via Cheat Codes.

Where does professor oak chooses your Pokemon in FireRed?

I sometimes get bad EGG

When do you get the national dex in Pokemon firered?

you have to see all the Pokemon through 150 then talk to professor oak

Pokeradar Pokemon FireRed?

You don't get one.You only get a pokedex by bringing professor Oak's parcel.

How do you get the natoional pokedex in Pokemon FireRed?

you must beat the elite four. no you have to have owned 60 Pokemon then talk to professor oak

What is a diplome Pokemon FireRed?

A diploma is something professor oak gives you when u catch all the Pokemon in fire red

How do you catch the Pokemon celiby Pokemon firered?

beat the eliete 4 100 times,then complete your pokedex then go to professor Oak and then you have to battle him. when you are battling his garados,throw a pokeball and then the battle will be over and look at your PC and celiby level 200 will be there.

Where is professor oak on Pokemon FireRed?

Uh..Professor 1. In the introduction of the game.2. The Pokemon Lab in Pallet Town.3. On the PC as a menu option.4. Is in the room where you beat Gary as the champion.

Where do you find the national dex on Pokemon FireRed?

when you beat the elite four and have 100 Pokemon go to professor oak and he will give you and Gary the national dex

Where is the unknows in Pokemon FireRed?

Spell the word "mystic" with the unknown Pokemon. Then go back to professor oak if you have 60 Pokemon at least. He should give you a mystic ticket.

How do you catch todadile on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot catch a Totodile in FireRed. However, if you catch so many Pokémon Professor Oak will you give you one.