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no you cant but if you buy Half-Life 2 for PC you can get Gmod and mod the game ect.

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Q: Can you Get Garrys Mod On the Xbox 360 For Orange Box?
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Can you use Garrys Mod on box 360?

No. it is PC only.

Is The Orange Box available on the PS3?

The Orange Box is $42.95 new at amazon for the PS3 on October 13 2011 and half that for the Xbox 360

Can you use garrys mod with the orange box or just half life 2?

It is compatible with every game in the Orange Box.

Is portal 1 for xbox 360?

On The Orange Box(Disc), or from the Xbox Live Game Marketplace as an arcade game.

Does steam sell xbox 360 games?

yes here are some [the orange box] [left4dead] [left4dead2]

How do you get the new Portal Ending on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of The Orange Box?

You don't it's only for PC.

What should you get a Xbox 360 or Xbox 720?

i think you should get x box 360

Can you download Portal 1 to the Xbox 360 hard-drive from The Orange Box and do you need to retain the disc?

No, you cannot download any game from The Orange Box onto your HDD. Try buying it on the marketplace.

How do you change an Xbox into a Xbox 360?

No you cant. Just buy an xbox 360. I got one for Christmas and it can play movies, x box games (old x box) and xbox 360 games. i also recommend if you do get an x box 360 get kinect i have it and its brilliant. hope this helps at all

Does Xbox 360 live work with Xbox?

no but xbox live will work on xbox 360 live you said that rong you mean xbox live works on the x box 360

What Xbox box games can be played on the Xbox 360?

All of them.

What is the price between an x-box 360 and an x-box 360 elite?

the xbox 360 elite is about $100 more expensive than the xbox 360 (since it comes with 120gb).