Can the psp go go on the internet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. A PSP-Go can access the internet via the internet browser. It also has Skype. However, don't expect it to be very fast ;)

EDIT: Yes, he is right. Skype isn't very fast, they need to improve it. But the internet browser is ok if you don't care entirely about speed.

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Q: Can the psp go go on the internet?
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Does a psp go have internet?

yes it does

How do you run internet in PSP?

to run the internet in your psp you have to have a wireless router. go to internet and you have to set connection with your router by putting the router code and have your wlan switched on. then you can use the internet on your psp

Con you go online on the psp go?

The PSP Go does allow web surfing and downloading from the internet

How do you put internet browser working on my psp?

go to then search how do i put internet on my psp. i think it works

How can you get internet on the go psp?

same as older version of psp, via WiFi.

Your Psp 3.90 how do you use the Internet?

You first go as far left as you can on the main menue. then scroll down and find internet. go to and search "how to use internet on psp

Does a PSP has an intenert?

yes psp 3000, like all of the versions have the internet but you'll have to connect the internet on the computer to your psp to get it fully work. You can go to the playstation network or store after you have internet!

What do you need for psp to go on internet?

An internet connection, and a wireless router.

How do you go on the internet with the psp?

you go to the last catorgory on the very left the it says internet in the catorgory

Can you go on the internet on the PSP?

yes you can I saw it in a movie

Can you play games by the internet from a psp go?


Does it cost to go on to the internet on the psp?

no i think it is wifi