Can the playstation 3 play cds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Absolutely - it will play all manner of CD's, DVD's, BD's, MP3's, MP4's, and other movie files that are either transferred or downloaded.

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Q: Can the playstation 3 play cds?
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How do you rip a CD's to PlayStation 3?

Playstation 3 do not use CDs for games but can play other CDs

Can PlayStation 1 play PlayStation 2 or 3 games?

No, PSone can only play PSone games and CDs.

PlayStation 3 can play ps2 cds?

Some of the first models of the PlayStation 3 but the later ones nope.

Do certain brands of DVD's not play on the PlayStation?

The Playstation does not play DVDs only CDs

Does PlayStation play burned CDs?


Does playstation 3 play regular dvds?

Yes and also Blu-Ray discs and CDs

Can you play DVDs on playstation 3?

Yes it will play DVDs besides playing Blue-ray Discs. It will also play CDs.

PlayStation 1 play DVD?

no all it can play is cds and ps1 games

How do you play songs on sony playstation 2?

The PS2 will play music CDs

Can you play Xbox cds in ps2 systems?

You can not play xbox games on a playstation 2

Can a PS3 play both Blu-ray and DVD discs?

I am not sure about the Region 8, but it CAN play Blueray and DvD's, this is why most people buy them, it is basically like a 1,000 dollar DVD player for around 400

Can a PlayStation 1 play PlayStation 3 games?

You can not play PlayStation 3 games on a PlayStation 1, but you can play PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 3. All of the PlayStation consoles are backwards compatible.