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Any Pokemon that is grass, but it must be with you.

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Q: Can the lady at Cape brink only teach your starter Pokemon moves?
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How do you defeat Diagla in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

my advice get lots of reviver seeds and teach ground moves to your starter Pokemon

How does Empoleon learn hydro cannon in Pokemon platinum?

go to the old mans house on route 228 he will teach starter Pokemon powerful moves

What does the old lady at cape brink do?

teach your starter Pokemon its ultimate move but needs to be a high level. venasaur=frenzy plant charizard=blast burn blastoise=hydro canon

How do you teach a Pokemon moves in Pokemon black?

Just like the other Pokemon games you can teach moves when Pokemon level up or by TM's and HM's which are machines containing various Pokemon moves such as Thunderbolt or Fireblast. You can even have a move tutor teach moves to your Pokemon where that person is i can't tell.

If you put Pokemon in the daycare centre in Pokemon ruby does the guy teach them moves?

yeah he does so you shouldn't teach your Pokemon good moves until after you take him out of the daYCARE

How do you teach all 3 staring Pokemon their special moves on LeafGreen?

Have all 3 starters at level 40 and go to two island show the lady each starter to teach there special move.

Who is the best starter pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Three of them is the best. But the onnly thing you should know is: Their Moves. It is important to teach them TM/HM Because If you choose the wrong TM/HM your Pokemon will eventually become weak.

Where are people in Pokemon pearl who can teach moves?

the only person who teaches your Pokemon moves is the old guy in the place where the sand strom is he teaches any final starter form of any starter type frenzy plant for grass blast burn for fire types and hydro cannon for water types hope this helps

Is mamoswine a legendary Pokemon?

that depends on what moves you teach it! =)

Pokemon fire red can you teach blast burn and hydro cannon in the same game?

The move tutor in Pokemon FireRed can teach several signature moves: Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant. These moves can be taught to starter Pokemon that are fully evolved with maximum friendship toward the Player. All three starters may learn their signature move in the same game.

What Pokemon should you teach cut?

You should teach HM moves to a pokemon that you will not be using, as you can't forget HM moves until you get to a move deleter. Grass type Pokemon's can usually be thought cut.

There is no person in the Pokemon soul silver game that can teach moves to a Pokemon?

well theres the headbutt guy in ilex forest... And there is the Move Tutor in Blackthorn City who will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for a Heart Scale.