Can the evolved form of Togepi fly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Togepi's evolved form Togetic and it's evolved form Togekiss can both learn fly because they are part flying.

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Q: Can the evolved form of Togepi fly?
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You traded your Togepi and you need to see the evolved form of it what do you do?

I can breed you a togepi

How do you see the evolved form of Togepi?

you can`t, you need to evolve it

What trainer has the evolved form of Togepi?

No one but if you want to get togetic just get togepi on five island and have it like you alot then level it up and its togetic.

Why has your Togepi not evolved into a togetic?

Your togepi will evolve the more it likes you (YAY mine evolved at lv 18!!!!) *platuim*

How do you make Togepi evolve into Togetic in PLatinum?

my togepi evolved at level 16

What stone evolves what Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

SHINY STONE Togetic (evolved form of Togepi by Happiness) -> Togekiss Roselia (evolved form of Budew by Happiness during daytime) -> Roserade DUSK STONE Murkrow -> Honchkrow Misdreavus -> Mismagius DAWN STONE (Male) Kirlia- (evolved form of Ralts) -> Gallade (Female) Snorunt -> Froslass

How do you evolve Togepi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it is not necessary to improve its attack or defense i evolved my togepi by only leveling it up it evolved in level 32 in Pokemon leaf green maybe the same fire red don't know

What is the evolved form of the Pokemon Tokapi?

Togepi evolves into Togetic when its happiness/friendship towards the player is at, or very close to maximum. Togetic then evolves into Togekiss when you use a Shiny Stone on it.

Can surskit's evolved form learn fly?

I don't think so but you can check bulbapedia

Your Togepi is on level 35 and still hasn't evolved what should you do?

Togepi Doesn't Evolve At A Level. It Evolves Through Happiness In The Day. So Does Riolu And Eevee Evolves Into Espeon Like This.

Why does Togepi always have its eggshell?

Togepi always has its shell because it uses it as a form of protection when it sleeps. Togepi is a baby Pokemon and when it sleep sit draws itself into the shell.

When will Togepi evolve in Pokemon soul-silver?

it should evolve when its fully happy mine evolved at thirty two