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ummm if you want get alot of vizits either make a hard obby but make it fricken hard or an RPG or something or your house in real life

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Q: Can somebody give you some place ideas for ROBLOX?
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How do you cheer somebody up on roblox?

Make a roblox game for them

Is the Roblox HQ in redwood California public?

No Roblox HQ is not public, but you can schedule visits with the Roblox admins on certain dates. During these visits, Roblox admins give visitors a tour of the office and take questions and ideas. Contact Roblox customer support for more information.

How do you hack R on Roblox?

There is no way to hack to give yourself Robux on Roblox. Any attempt to hack the roblox database and edit your money is likely to fail and may result in a permanent ban from Roblox. It is against the terms of service and should not be attempted in the first place.

What is an Admin shirt on ROBLOX?

Admin, or VIP shirts are shirts that give you special powers on a particular place when you wear them.

Does Roblox give you Trojans?

No, the Roblox program does not give you Trojans. Roblox is tested to be a safe download by several testing services. Any program that claims to be built by Roblox but is not the Roblox program itself may contain Trojans, but this program would not be built by Roblox.

How do you get 100 robux every 5 seconds on roblox?

That is impossible on ROBLOX. Unless you keep converting tix to robux and your place is getting like 100,000 place visits a minute.

How do you get obc on roblox for free?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you.

Does down loading roblox give you a virus?

As long as you get it from a Roblox's site it is guaranteed not to have viruses.

Can you give me the code to somebody vmath?

plese can somebody give me there vmath code

What games give you tickets in roblox?

None can give you tickets all machines that people say give you robux and tix in roblox are account stealing devices

To give someone ideas about what to do?

Inspire is to give someone ideas as to what to do you give them inspiration which is the ideas you give

How do you get 500000 tics on roblox?

save them or aske a mate to give some