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I thought of real ghosts for a moment...but No self-destruct Can't hurt a ghost..because the attack its a "Normal type" attack and Normal type attacks have no effect in ghost type Pkmns......... just like quick-attack, or hyper-beam

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Q: Can self-destruct hurt ghost Pokemon
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What type of Pokemon can ghost Pokemon hurt?

ghost type Pokemon can hurt psychic and ghost. It kan hurt any types except normal and fighting

What is the best Pokemon move ever?

it is selfdestruct 250 damage

What Pokemon move kills you but damages the opponent a lot?

The Pokemon move called "selfdestruct."

How do you make Snorlax learn Selfdestruct on Pokemon Fire Red?

You can't but a special munchlax can in Pokemon HS/SS

What is the best move in Pokemon diomand?

selfdestruct,explosion,roar of time,shadow force.

What Pokemon can beat fortress Pokemon gym?

I used a swampert I forgot the level and an electrode (selfdestruct, you will need a lot of revives)

Can a ghost physically hurt somebody?

A ghost will hurt you!not all ghost are bad but some can hurt you physically but not all will.

What Pokemon are good against ghost?

Ghost pokemon are good against psychc and ghost.

I have a problem with this ghost who hurt me last night and i do not know if it is bad or good.?

If a ghost hurt you it is probly a bad ghost, unless the ghost was trying to protect you from something by distracting you. But if the ghost hurt you its most likely bad. But if they hurt you, like they carved something in you I think they are bad, it all depends.

Is Giratina a ghost type of pokemon?

It is a Ghost/Dragon pokemon.

You have never seen a ghost are they real?

ghost can t hurt you that's lie because i saw a ghost in front of me on batrhoom and he or she don't hurt me

If your holding a bible can you stll get hurt from a ghost?

No you wont get hurt because evil ghost hates the bible!