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yes ,but not actually give it out ten cards come with it!:)

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Q: Can love and berry ds game give out cards?
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How do you get love and berry fashion card?

we can get love and berry cards by playing the game at game stations or buying cards at places where game stations are (answers may vary in Japan,Taiwan,America and Hongkong)

Where can you get love and berry cards in the Philippines?

in timezone you can play it but you need a card of timezone if you have it just load 39 pesos and get an information and they will help you to find the love and berry game

How do you find love and berry cards in japan?

Well that's EASY first ask your parents to drive you to any game place and then, look for it then done you found the game

Can you buy Love and Berry cards in Timezone?

No, but you can play love and berry and collect it or buy love and berry card holder it's only 400 pesos buy it on SM mall of asia

Is the love and berry cards sold at comic alley work?


Where can you play love and berry game?


Can you use Singapore love and berry cards in the Philippines?

YES because it is an english card

Where to buy love and berry in Tokyo?

Sure, Love and Berry costs about one dollar for a single play, which gives the player one card for future games, but it doesn't stop there. Love and Berry has become an entire image for young girls. To begin with, Love and Berry is expensive to have as a hobby, so Love and Berry accessories and cards are a way for young kids to show off. We talked to several girls this week about whether they play the game or not, and nearly every single one complained about how expensive it is. Of course, our young friends are not the "girly girls" L&B targets, so we doubt they'd be playing the game anyway.

How love and berry cards are made?

061 liberty the happy statue [worldies] black love berries red love berries any love berries

Why does a woman need a pack of cards to love a man?

a hart to love him a diamond to marry him a club to beet him and a spade to berry his body

How do you get scamp and liberty on the moshi monster game?

You get Liberty on moshi monsters by planting a black love berry a red love berry and any love berry. For Scamp its a pink dragon fruit a blue orchid blossom and a black snap apple.

Where can you buy love and berry ds?

Yes, you can buy Love and Berry DS Game here in the Philippines at the Internet. Try searching at ebay and sulit. You can also buy Love and berry DS game at other countries.