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Yes, there is a cheat for it:

  • Make two adult Sims and move them into a house.
  • Click Ctrl, shift and C at the same time.
  • Type in: Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
  • Shift click on your Sim and click "Sim Modder" - a baby should appear.
  • Click on the Sims modder (baby) and click "Set age..." and then click "Child".
  • Your Sim will now be a child.
  • Click Ctrl, shift and C at the same time again.
  • Type in: Moveobjects on
  • Go into buy mode and delete your child Sim.
  • Shift click on the bin outsde the house with your other Sim which is still and adult and click "Reset age duration" your teenage Sim will come back and now be able to do anything an adult Sim can do.
  • Repeat all the steps with the other Sim.
  • Now you have two children Sims who can kiss, make-out, woo-hoo ect...


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Q: Can kids fall in love on sims 2 double deluxe?
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