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No, you can not. I learned that lesson the hard way.

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Q: Can jaws unleashed Xbox play on Xbox360?
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Can you play jaws unleashed on xbox 360?


Can you play Jaws Unleashed on the xbox 360 I have xbox live and I want to buy Jaws Unleashed but first I want to know if u can play it I've read online if u have xbox live u can play any xbox game?

sorry but no. i have the game and i tried it and it wouldn't let me. i went on the xbox box website and it wasn't listed. maybe they'll update it in the future

What systems can you play jaws unleashed for?

You can Play Jaws Unleashed on PC , XboX, PS 1(2 3 or 4)For PC windows you can have :Windows 2000/XP/Vista(professional)/Windows 7 ULTIMATE!You can download it (and play it) on LAPTOPS too.

Can you play Jaws Unleashed on a Mac?


Can you play jaws unleashed for mac?

Not yet

What does a xbox360 do?

A Xbox360 is a console, the second after the first Xbox. You play Xbox360 games on it and I think you can download or buy a thing so you can play your Xbox games on it to.

Can you play Xbox360 game on Xbox?


Can you play Xbox games on a Xbox360?

You can play normal xbox games on an xbox 360 pro or elite. You can not play normal xbox games on the xbox 360 arcadeThe pro is the xbox that is white with crome on the front of the disk tray , the arcade is the all white one and the elite is the black xbox360.

How can you support an Xbox game that is not supported by Xbox 360?

You can't. Xbox360 can only play Xbox360 games.

Can you play Star Wars Battlefrony for Xbox on Xbox 260?

You can play all XBOX games on the XBOX360

Can you play xbox games on the xbox360?

Yes you can.

Can you play Xbox360 games on an Xbox?

no it is not possable