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Q: Can i get get a Tangela on mt coronet?
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Where is Tangela on Pokemon Diamond?

Tangela is a swarming Pokemon you can only get it on certain days. You can swarm it at the top of Mt. Coronet.

Where is mt coronet in emerald?

there is no mt. coronet in emerald that i know of

How do you get tangela pearl?

Tangela is only available on the top of mt coronet by swarm. You go to your rival's house in sandgem town and she will tell you which Pokemon are swarming that day, and where. the only other way to get a tangela is to migrate it from a GBA advance game using pal park ( only available once elite four have been defeated) hope this helped :)

How do you get tangela on Pokemon Pearl?

You can catch Tangela at mt. coronet top if here is a Tangela swarm. You can go every day to your rivals sister and she says which swam there is that day. Or after beating the elite four and finishing the Sinnoh pokedex you can import it from other GameBoy Advance Pokemon games such as Emerald, LeafGreen, FireRed, etc. using Pal Park.

Where is the arch in mt coronet?

at the top of mt coronet(arch=spear pillar)

Where do you get a clefairy Pokemon FireRed?

You can get clefairy in 2 ways: 1. First you need a ditto and a cleffable. Then you put them at the day care. After a while of walking around, there will be an egg. When it hatches it will be a cleffa. You can level it up until it is a clefairy. 2. You can trade clefairy from Fire Red or Leaf Green onto emerald.

Where is Chimecho on Platinum?

get a chingling on mt coronet and evolve it

A map of mt coronet Pokemon diamond?

There is a map of Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh region.

Where is mt coronet in Pokemon FireRed?

Mt coronet is only in diamond or pearl or platinum not in firered.

Where is mt coronet in heart gold?

There is no Mt. Coronet in HeartGold as it does not take place in the Sinnoh region

What is in mt coronet?

atop mt coronet is dialga in diamond, palkia in pearl, or both and giratina in platinum.

Where is Cyrus after he says he is going to mt coronet?

Top of Mt Coronet? It's all in what he's said.