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yes,after you defeat the final frontier brain , the rocks of the dewford city will disappear. from there , take a straight surf to kanto. choose your kanto starter from oak,s lab and reach the safforn city after defeating the first four gyms.go to the railway station of the city after getting the pass. ride the train which will stop at goldenrod city

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Q: Can goldenrod city be found in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get to goldenrod city in Pokemon Silver?

How do you get to goldenrod city in pokemon silver?

Where is the GTS in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in goldenrod city to the far left (past the radio tower)yes

How do you get a growlithe on Pokemon Silver?

Growlithe can be found in the grassy areas between Goldenrod city and Ecruteak city.

Where is goldenrod city in Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant get to goldenrod city in Pokemon fire red its impossible

How do you get to the wfc station in Pokemon soul silver?

It is found to the far west in Goldenrod City.

How do you unlock the door in goldenrod city in Pokemon gold?

use the basement key in goldenrod city. the key is in goldenrod.

Where do you get the hm for goldenrod city in Pokemon soulsilver?

lol hm for goldenrod city :D

Where is the radio tower on Pokemon SoulSilver?

The radio tower is found in Goldenrod city, and Lavender Town.

Where does the Pokemon renamer live in Pokemon emerald?

Goldenrod City. Near the northern gate on the left there is a purple tent with the Name Rater inside. He can re-name your pokemon.

Who gives dig to you in goldenrod city in Pokemon HeartGold?

Me?! I just bought the TM for it in Goldenrod City.

On Pokemon Emerald where is the ceromony for the building of the sub?

at lilycove city is where i found it out

How can you get your Pokémon a haircut in Pokémon emerald?

Sadly, in Pokemon Emrald, you can't. While in Generations II and the Generation IV remakes, HeartGold/SoulSilver, the Haircut Brothers are stationed in Goldenrod City, in Goldenrod Tunnel, it is impossible to get a Haircut in Emerald. So, buy the new games, or just raise your pokemon's happiness a different way.