Can ghosts kill living people

Updated: 1/12/2023
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Q: Can ghosts kill living people
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Why ghosts have to kill people?

Becouse people want to see that way, spirits-souls-ghosts-demons whatever have no physical power

Why do ghosts go through bodies?

some ghosts do that so they can communicate with the living people usually demons do this.

Can ghosts kill you?

Ghosts cannot kill you. If you believe in them, then some people say they can communicate with them.

Can lights kill ghosts?

Ghosts are definitely scared of lights. Yes, lights can really kill ghosts.

How many deaths where by ghost?

Ghosts don't kill people, they can't.

Do ghosts hunt the earth?

I do not believe ghosts hunt the earth but other people say that ghosts are living in their apartment or house. It's just their imagination.

Are ghots living?

Ghosts are supposedly un-living unexplainable things who were once people but have died

What movies have ghosts that can kill?

Thirteen Ghosts.

Do ghosts want to eat you or kill you or both and are ghosts weird?

Ghosts can't eat or kill you but they can hurt you. No they aren't werid.

Can gosts kill people?

I don't think so but then I don't believe in ghosts

Why do people beleave in ghosts?

Some people believe in ghosts because they think it is the only possible explanation for certain situations that seem otherworldly. Others believe in ghosts because they believe people go on living after the body dies, and that those people have the ability to manifest themselves as ghosts.

When was Living with Ghosts created?

Living with Ghosts was created on 1996-05-21.