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Yes and no...depending where you get the mods. seems to be ok just be careful downloading from any site do some research before you just download.

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Q: Can downloading mods for minecraft give you a virus?
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Will downloading minecraft mods give you a virus?

Usually no. The more popular mods never have viruses. However, if you get a not well known one, I suggest looking at the reviews...

Can downloading mods from Yogbox for minecraft give you a virus?

well ive downladed the yogbox compilation and i havent got a virus so you should be fine.

Do minecraft mods give you a virus?

Possibly, most well known mods don't though. If you have an anti-virus program you should be fine. Check the comment/reply section in the mod's thread to see what people are saying about it, if they say it's a virus you should generally stay away from downloading it.

Are all mods from planet minecraft safe?

You have nothing to worry about when downloading mods from Planet Minecraft, it is safe.

Does Minecraft have a virus on it?

not if you download it off the minecraft site. you can get mods for it but they can be a virus if its fake, but the chance of that is slim, and theres no chance that you can get a virus off a mod on the minecraft mods website.

What is a super easy way to get minecraft mods?

If you are looking for a easy way to install mods, someone made another Minecraft that can be used for downloading mods easier.

What is a mod that's virus free Minecraft?

all the minecraft mods are virus free as long as you dont install then incorrectly

What is the website for downloading mods on mine craft?

You can go on youtube. search for mods and then click on a video for mods then go to the description of the video and download in the links or you can go to minecraft forums.

Is there a limit to how many mods in Minecraft that it can run because I put five then Minecraft crashes?

No it might be that you have an out dated mod that crashes to game or that you do not have something like modloader (which you need for most mods). Also when downloading mods make sure they are for your current version of minecraft or it will defiantly crash.

Can Minecraft put virus on your PC?

No, as long as you get it from the official website BUT if you start installing mods there is a chance they could be a virus. So always get your mods from credited sources.

Is downloading minecraft mods safe?

yes sense the wikipedia shows that any inecraft mod created under a safe website is not contaminated with a virus.

Is minecraft a virus free game?

the original game: yes some dodgy mods: no