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no ,you can't get your team rated in pokemon diamond

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Q: Can anyone rate your Pokemon Diamond team Infernape Roserade Gastrodon Honchkrow Luxray?
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What Pokemon does the champion use in diamond?

Spiritomb Milotic Lucario Roserade Garchomp Gastrodon

What pokemon does champion Cynthia have?

diamond and pearl spirttomb garchomp roserade gastrodon milotic and lucario platinum spirttomb garchomp roserade lucario milotic and togekiss

What Pokemon does barry have in diamond?

Floatzel Snorlax Heracross Roserade Staraptor Empoleon/Torterra/Infernape

What Pokemon does Cynthia have on Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl), Cynthia's first Pokemon is a Spiritomb. Her other 5 Pokemon are Garchomp, Gastrodon, Roserade, Milotic, and Lucario.

Is this a good Pokemon Diamond team Infernape Honchcrow Roserade Luxeray Floatzel Rampardos?

I think so. I have 4 of those on my team :)

What are the elite four chaimpians Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

1. Spiritomb 2. Lucario 3. Garchomp 4. Gastrodon 5. Roserade 6. Milotic

What are the elite fours pokemon in diamond?

Aaron: Beautifly Vespiquen Heracross Dustox Drapion Bertha: Hippowdon Golem Sudowoodo Quagsire Whiscash Flint: Infernape Ponyta Steelix Lopunny Drifbim Lucian Mr. Mime Girafarig Bronzong Medicham Alakazam Bonus: Cynthia's Pokemon Spiritomb Garchomp Roserade Gastrodon Lucario Milotic

Is this a good team for Pokemon diamond honchcrow Infernape dialga gastrodon roseradeand luxray?

It all depends on what moves they know, as a general warning remember that Roserade has a great Special Attack stat, so use only special moves like Sludge Bomb and Leaf Storm and teach Luxray Ice Fang to have a way to counter Ground types.

What Pokemon does Cynthia have in Pokemon Diamond?

aaahh a good question she most definetely has a spiritomb which has weaknesses in dark type,and i can beat him with move grass knot for 4 or 3 times. i beat him with my starter. her signature Pokemon is garchomp which u need a good ice Pokemon to beat i recommend jynx she also has a milotic i recommend luxray if u hav it she also has gastrodon pretty weak stay with luxray or torterra she also has a lucario now staraptor or pshycic Pokemon to finish it off theres a roserade if u hav it finish her off with in infernape or rapidash or u can stay with staraptor this is the order she used on me she may change it 4 u :spiritomb,milotic,gastrodon,garchomp,lucario,roserade. and this is in order of strongest to weakest :garchomp,lucario,spiritomb,milotic,gastrodon,roserade. plz give me any more pokequestions u have

I have a roserade Infernape Gyarados Dialga luxray and ambipom on Pokemon diamond what changes should i make to beat the elite four on diamond?

You should change: gyarados to swampert Dialga to Lucario Infernape to Rapidash with Flash Fire as an ability Ambipom to Staraptor/gliscor/Scizor Make sure You have the right moves

What Pokemon do the elite 4 have Pokemon Diamond?

Here are the Pokémon the Elite 4 and the Champion has in Pokémon Diamond. Aaron has Dustox, Heracross, Vespiquen, Beautifly and Drapion. Bertha has Quagsire, Hippowdon, Sudowoodo, Whiscash and Golem. Flint has Rapidash, Infernape, Steelix, Lopunny and Drifblim. Lucian has Mr. Mime, Girafarig, Medicham, Alakazam and Bronzong. Cynthia the Champion has Spiritomb, Garchomp, Gastrodon, Milotic, Roserade and Lucario.

What Is Superskarmory's Pokemon Diamond Team?

The team he has on youtube is empoleon, garchomp, roserade, rapidash, honchkrow, and im sorry i forget the 6th Pokemon but i recommend using this team balanced and just great overall