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Never only palkia. i think that's it

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Q: Can any other Pokemon besides Palkia use the lustrous orb?
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Will the lustrous orb work on Kingdra because he is the only other water and dragon type other than Palkia?

No, Only Palkia. The orb is Palkia exclusive, any other pokemon holding it would be the same as giving it a pokeball.

How do you get Palkia in Pokemon White?

The only way to get palkia in Pokemon white is to trade from other games

Can other Pokemon use the lustrous orb's effect?


How do you get a Palkia as a hero Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of sky?

You can make palkia your leader Pokemon the same way you make any other Pokemon your leader Pokemon. First recruit palkia, then ask chimecho to make palkia your team's leader.

What Pokemon can you get using the griseos orb and the other ones that you get in black?

you have to beat the elite 4 and the if you go to marvelous bridge the shadow triad will com and give you the griseous orb for giratina an adamant orb for dialga and a lustrous orb for palkia

Does close combat faint Palkia?

if palkia has low helth then yah because palkia is like all the other Pokemon but there is only one of palkia so try not to faint palkia

Who is the other Pokemon Palkia and?

Dialga. There's also Giratina, who is the mascot legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get the adamant and the lustrous orb if you sold it?

Other people could give it though trade and you might be able to get it through action replay

Can you catch a Legendary pokemon with a pokemon other that your beginner?

Yes; I once did that with Palkia. My starter Pokemon (Torterra) fainted, so I used Luxray and ended up catching Palkia. Good luckcatching those legendaries! :) I've also used my Palkia to catch other legendaries such as Heatran and Giratina.

Can you breed Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

no Legendre's can't be breeded by ditto or any other pokemon

Where in mt cornet is the waterfall that you take to find the orbs to catch dialgia and Palkia?

The lustrous orb and the other orb are on the way to spear pillar but you have to take one different tunnel!!!!

Who made up Palkia?

the creator of Palkia and all the other Pokemon is the creator of the game AKA Satoshi Tajiri who is the inventor of many games