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Although there may be restrictions for 11-year olds buying M-rated games, if they were able to obtain one then technically they could play them. However, I've found in life that there are many times that "just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should." M-rated games include subject matter that in no way should an 11-year old be prepared to process. The rating system was implemented to give parents an idea of how mature the subject matter of the game was. Still, only a parent can decide if their individual child should, or should not, be exposed to the content of any game.

The basic rating system is as follows:

"E" for Everyone; "T" for Teen; and "M" for Mature

If there is specific content to be warned about, ie. language, graphic violence, etc. it is usually noted next to the rating.

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Q: Can an 11 year old boy play M-rated games?
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