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Yes, they can play together on a LAN game, but Mineshafters cannot play any real minecraft games

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Q: Can a mineshafter player play with a minecraft player?
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Is there anything similar to minecraft that's free?


Is mineshafter illegal?

First, lets get down to this: Mineshafter is a "Alternative" to Minecraft's online services, but, in reality, your playing it for free. But if you have bought the game, and your playing mineshafter, your technically not pirating the game, but still! Don't waste your time, its just 26 or something like that, who can't buy the game? A pirating person!

How do you connect your Mineshaft account to your Minecraft net account?

You cant! Mineshaft is just another scam. If you use your minecraft info on mineshafter, IT WILL GET STOLEN!

How do you download mine craft for free on an apple laptop?

Google for Mineshafter. That is a free alternative to official minecraft services.

I love minecraft but I can't buy it what should I do?

Try downloading a hack version by anjo caido or go to mineshafter's website.

Where do you get a free Minecraft account?

Minecraft accounts are free. Just go to the official Minecraft website. If you want a free version of the game, you could use Mineshafter Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode! You can get one too! >> <<

Where can you play Minecraft in creative?

In minecraft single player, or on a creative designated server.

Can Mineshafter servers connect with Minecraft servers?

Yes. If you have two tablets near each other, then on one of the tablets click "start game" on the main menu and on the other tablet click "join game" when the other tablet is in the world. Then you will see the other player's name. Click on the name. Then you will join the game and play together!

Has mineshafter been caught by mojang?

Yes mineshaft was catched by Mojang is that why the mojang accounts are be created :( well If you have an old account in minecraft you can use it but If don't...

How do you play 2 player on minecraft for xbox 360?


Can you play minecraft single player and join a server later?


Do you need Adobe flash player to play mine craft?

Minecraft does not use Adobe Flash at all. To play Minecraft, you need to have download and installed Java.