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Yes. Press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete all at the same time. At the top of your screen, a cheat box should have appeared. Write in it, "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" just like that. Then left click any sim and choose spawn, Tombstone of L & D. Click on the tombstone and then click Get pregnant by... Then choose the name of the other sim.

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Q: Can a girl sim have a baby by a girl sim on seasons?
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Is there a way to make a baby boy or a baby girl more likely in sims 3?

Baby Boy - Pregnant Sim eat Apples Baby Girl - Pregnant Sim eat Watermelons.

How many days until the male sim has an alien baby?

same as girl sim. 3.

How do you make a baby fast without marriage on Sim's?

get the girl drunk and do her

How do you make your sim have a baby girl?

You can not chose the gender, the game decides what you will get.

How do you have a baby girl in the sims 3?

you have to try for baby with your partner. then either hope for a girl or have the female sim eat lots of watermelons

Can you have a baby on the Sims 2 Seasons for Nintendo DS?

No I don't think you can. Most of the time the sim games for Nintendo DS suck. You can't have a baby in them.

Can you have a girl baby on Sims 3 ambitions?

yes u can have a girl baby on sims 3 ambitions because every sim CD i have,u can have babies

Can a sim have alien baby in pet stories?

No they cant, but in the Sims 2 PC and mac, Console, Nintendo DS, and in the Sims 3: Seasons

Can you have a baby on The Sims 3 pets?

Yes, your wife/girl can have a baby and so can your pet. My girl is pregnant! Pregnancy usually lasts for 3 Sim days, not sure though.

Can you have a baby on The Sims?

On the Sims 1 you have to kiss 10 times. On the Sims 2 and 3 you need a boy and Sim and a girl Sim "Relax" and bed. Then what I do is make them cuddle, then kiss, then makeout, then pick "Try for Baby."

Is there a cheat code on sims 3 to make your sim have a baby girl?

There is not a cheat code that I know of to totally ensure that your Sim will have a girl, but this will get you close: During the first trimester of pregnancy, when your pregnant Sim is wearing maternity clothes but does not yet have a visible bump, have her eat three watermelons. She will get the Stuffed moodlet, but it will increase the chance of having a girl to 99%. If you want a baby boy, you can do the same thing except with apples instead of watermelons. Unless your Sim is already pregnant, you also have the option of adopting a girl.

In the Original version of The Sims how many sim days does it take for a child to grow up?

Only the baby can grow up. Which is 3 days. The boy or girl Sim(child sim) can't grow up.