Can a Pikachu beat you or me up?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Are you stupid? Of course not! Pikachu is in a game, unless you smash the computer or DS or console onto your body, then Pikachu cannot, in effect hurt you.

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Q: Can a Pikachu beat you or me up?
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How does a hummingbird beat its wings?

Yes, and also beat up stupid Pikachu.

How do you beat Pokemon Gold?

you have to go up to pikachu and give him head

What type of tissue has its own intrinsic beat?


How do you beat misty if you cant beat brock?

This can actually happen. For example your playing Pokemon yellow and you only have pikachu as a Pokemon, you will not be able to beat brock not matter what level pikachu is, but misty can be defeated because pikachu's electric type moves are strong against water type Pokemon.

How many volts can Pikachu store?

pikachu can store 75,000 volts and raichu can store 100,000 volts.the only reason ash's pikachu beat a raichu is because it is the main Pokemon.if it was a real battle and pikachu wasn't the main character's Pokemon raichu would beat him by 25,000 volts.

Best Pokemon to beat the pike queen's Milotic?


How do you beat Articuno with absol pikachu and venasaur?

you dont... you dont...

Can a Pikachu beat a Raichu?

yes but it would make a pichu or pikachu egg.

How do you beat the gym leaders in Pokemon white?

you distract them by letting them pikachu

Does ash ever beat iris with Pikachu against excadrill in pokemon black and white?

Yes because every time one of ash's Pokemon loses a battle even a gym battle he goes train them to get stronger and better. I know that Pikachu would win Axew but probably if he trained him hard, Pikachu can probably win Excadrill. Anyways pikachu will eventually beat Excadrill because that is what pikachu does.

IS this a good team to beat red in Pokemon HeartGold?

you need a rock Pokemon to beat pikachu but i cant remember what is after

How do you get a light ball in pokemon white?

Get a wild pikachu after you beat the elite four and there will be a 75 percent chance that your pikachu will be holding a light ball.