Can Killzone 2 play in ps2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. PlayStation 2 Systems play DVD/CD based PlayStation 2/1 discs ONLY.

PlayStation 3 systems use Blu-Ray discs for all PlayStation 3 Software (PS2 still works on certain models)

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Q: Can Killzone 2 play in ps2?
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Can you play killzone 2 on ps2 so yes how?

Killzone II is a PS3 game and can not ever be played on a PS2 for a number of reasons. There is not add on updates or anything that will allow a PS2 to Play PS3 games.

Can killzone 3 play on PS2?

No it is a PS3 game and can not be played on the PS2

Killzone 2 for ps2?

I've heard that Guerilla has wanted to make it for the PS2, then make Killzone 3 for the Ps3, but so far KZ2 is just for the PS3.

Is Killzone 3 in PS2 zone in PS2?

Killzone 3 is a PS3 video game released February 22 2011 and not playable in PS2

Is killzone 1 on psp?

no killzone 1 is one ps2 the killzone retribution is on psp tho

Is killzone online free for ps2?


How many killzones are there?

There are currently four (4) KillZone games for the PS3. KillZone is the original game, it is for PS2. There are also two (2) more games for the PS3, KillZone 3, and KillZone 2. There is also a a game for the PSP, KillZone: Liberation. There is most likely going to be at least one (1) more game, probably for the PS3.

Can you get killzone on PS2?

yes but only the first one

Killzone 2 ps3 can you play 2 player online?

No, you can't. I already tried it. ayour friend needs to get his own PS3 and Killzone 2

Does anyone still play killzone?

I still play KillZone. KillZone 3 to be exact. Shooting angry alien people is still in fashion.

Is killzone a two player game?

Killzone 1 is, Killzone 2 is not and Killzone 3 is.

Can you play 2 player with the motion in killzone 3 for ps3?

yes you can play Move two player