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Sorry but no. If you want to go to a Nintendo event, be aware of when they are going on. Try asking the computer for a calender. Ive never tried it but its worth a shot. Hpoe this helped. Have a niceday!!

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Q: Can I get other legendary Pokemon that are through Nintendo events that have already passed?
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Who is Azareus in Pokemon?

his name is actually Arceus, and he is the most legendary of legendary Pokemon in diamond. he is only obtainable through a Nintendo event with the azure flute

Where is Celebi on Pokemon Diamond?

Celebi is a legendary Psychic and Grass type Pokemon. It can only be obtained by trading or through a Nintendo event.

Can Deoxys breed in Pokemon emerald?

Deoxys is a legendary Pokemon and cannot breed in Pokemon Emerald. This Pokemon can only be obtained through trade and special Live Nintendo events.

Where to catch jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?

Jirachi is a legendary Steel and Psychic type Pokemon. It does not occur naturally in Pokemon Sapphire, and can only be obtained through official Nintendo events.

'where can you find secret key in Pokemon platinum?

it was through a Nintendo distribution event and it has already passed...

Pokemon diamond how do you fix the door in canaleave city?

The door can only be unlocked through a Nintendo event to get the legendary Pokémon: Drakrai

There is an wild Celebi in any Pokemon version?

Celebi is a legendary Pokemon that was only available through a Nintendo event. It is not found in the wild unless the player has a GS ball in Pokemon Crystal.

When do legendary pokemon learn their signature move?

Normally, Legendary Pokemon already have learn their signature move when first caught during gameplay or obtain through an official Nintendo event. Their levels greatly vary on when they learn their signature move and some do not even have a signature move like Mew and Mewtwo. (Unless you count Psychic as their signature move.)

How 2 get Arceus?

In the Pokemon series of video games, Arceus is a legendary Pokemon which was only obtainable through a special event. Aside from special events promoted by Nintendo, players may also trade for an Arceus through the Global Trade System.

What is a Nintendo event in Pokemon?

A Nintendo event is when they distribute special Pokemon or items on a certain date. They commonly let out Legendary Pokemon for players to download to their games, or they allow players to enter in-game events with the Legendary Pokemon they distributed. This is the best way to obtain your favorite Legendary legitimately.

How to catch jirachi in sapphire?

Jirachi is a legendary Steel and Psychic type Pokemon. It was introduced in the third generation of games but was only available through a Nintendo event or by trading with other players.

Is Victini a Legendary Pokemon and is it able to compete in a competition event?

Yes victini is legendary you get it from a Nintendo event until 22 April with the liberty ticket or whatever (you get it from mystery gift) but team plasma want to stop its work (don't they always) and you have to get through a few of them. any Pokemon can participate in a competition so yes it can