Can Fierce deity link defeat Zant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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We'll never know, since Fierce Deity Link is only in Majora's Mask. It certainly sounds like a good idea for a fanfiction, though.

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Q: Can Fierce deity link defeat Zant?
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Why does ganondorf die after zant snaps his neck on Zelda tp?

Zant and Ganondorf share a bodily link, zant was dead at the time but Ganon could revive him - but once Ganon was in Hyrule he didn't need him so he didn't revive him. Once ganon was defeated and about to die, he tried reviving zant so he could bring him back to Hyrule after, but Zant knew Ganon wasn't trying to help him since he could've revived him sooner, so he broke his neck as revenge - breaking ganondorf's neck and their bodily link as well.

How do you beat Shadow Link?

Since Shadow Link mirrors pretty much every move you have, the only way to defeat Shadow Link is to use the Megaton Hammer, which is the only weapon that Shadow Link doesn't have.

How do you unlock all of the charicters in melle?

Beat classic mode with anyone on very easy then defeat jigglypuff, beat classic mode with 13 of the original characters then defeat young link and marth, beat classic mode with marth then defeat roy, beat the first adventure mode stage with a 2 in your seconds For Example: 3:32:99 then defeat luigi and defeat him again at the end of adventure mode, finish the 100 man melee mode then defeat falco, beat the legendary Pokemon event then defeat pichu, beat the triforce gathering event then defeat ganondorf, play in melee mode for 50 hours or 5 hours with 4 human players then defeat mewtwo, beat classic mode with Mario then defeat dr Mario, play 1,000 melees or beat classic mode with mewtwo or finish target test with all 24 characters then defeat mr game and watch.

How do you get toon link in a faster way?

The only way to get Toon link is to finish Subspace Emissary first. After that, go to the map that link took the master sword. Toon Link is hidden in that map, if you find him, you have to defeat him, after he is defeated, you get Toon Link. I think the easier way than that is to finish any standard level in any one of the characters.(Link, Zelda, Ganondolf) After defeating master hand, Toonlink will show up for battle.

How do you open the safari zone link in heart gold?

Defeat THE 8 gyms at johto than coms à shady character to give you à key to open it

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Can Fierce Deity Link defeat Puppet Zelda?

Ahoy, there. o/ Man, you can not even enter the Forest Temple, as a Child.

What is the fierce deity glitch on Majorca's mask?

The Fierce Deity glitch allows you to turn to Fierce Deity Link outside of boss battles. There are a number of ways to do this; the most-well known involving a glitch in Sakon's hideout.

How old is Fierce Deity Link?

(going by the manga) since they didn't explain fierce deity, or barely explained him, they say that fierce deity fought majora over 10.000.000 years ago so he's pretty old

How do you unlock Fierce Deiety Link in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?

you cant fierce deity link is only in majoras mask

Who is feirce deity link?

Fierce Deity Link is a character from Zelda Majora's mask. You can get the mask by collecting all the masks there are in the game. It is a strong mask that turns you into Feirce Deity Link. He is wacko white version of adult link.

Is there a cheat that allows Link to get the Fierce Deity Mask without collecting all the other masks in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

There is no Known cheat that allows you to get the Fierce Deity Mask with out collecting all the Masks.

Can Fierce Deity link defeat Possessed Zelda?

You have to use your charged up sword attack and then you have to wait until she hits your sword out of your hands and then pick up the sword and then keep hitting him with the charged up sword attack

How do you be Fierce Deity Link in Zelda Ocarina of Time?

You can't, as it's in Zelda Majora's Mask, also for the N64.

How do you unlock fierce deity link in super smash bros brawl?

There is no fierce deity link in SSBB, only Toon Link and TP Link. The easiest ways to unlock these two are through the Storyline, except you need to revisit the forest stage where you obtained TP Link and enter a secret door (Once the entire storyline is finished!) to unlock Toon Link. Otherwise, Toon Link requires something like 4000 battles.

Any really cool gameshark codes for Zelda OOT or Majora's Mask for n64?

Here is a non gameshark code for majora's mask, after getting the fierce deity's mask and saving your game go to ikana canyon and go right there is a boulder wall now use the attack roll at the side of the rock and you will go through it now your in the hideout oh make sure its the final day at night before doing this.. Now go inside the door and step on the blue switch while wearing the bunny hood now take kafei to the other room when there press Start and choose the fierce deity's mask and choose it to the C button that's for the bunny hood when you return as link he will become fierce deity's link! Now your fierce deity's link forever.. at least until the moon falls.

How do you get fierce deity link mask on majoras mask?

complete all four dungeons on the moon giving up all 26 mask. do this befor you fight majora

Is Dark Link in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

No, Dark Link is not in the game. The closest you'll get is Fierce Deity Link, which you get the mask for after getting every other mask in the game and giving all the non-transformation masks to the children on the moon.