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well in my experience ditto can use transform but it has no effect

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Q: Can Ditto transform into other Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?
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Can you mixbreed on pokemon white?

no. But you can have ditto or mew breed with other pokemon, they can transform into any pokemon

Can ditto transform to another Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

It can but lets say that your ditto only knows 1 move and the other ditto knows 2 or more it will only make ditto a lighter pink (it will make it a temporary shiny if your oponent is a shiny.)and it will copy the extra move(s).

Is Ditto the only Pokemon?

Ditto is not the only Pokemon. Ditto can transform into other Pokemon, but it is not the only Pokemon because 1.Mew can turn into any Pokemon. 2. When ditto transforms it tempolarily learns the moves that the defending Pokemon currently knows. 3. It is said that mew is the cousin of all Pokemon. So ditto is NOT the only Pokemon.

How do you transform ditto into other Pokemon?

Diamond doesn't have the coding programmed into it for Origin Forme, as it's likely the final design for it was made long after Diamond's release. Giratina can only be used as 'Altered Forme' in Diamond and Pearl.

How do you transeform Pokémon into other Pokémon?

Ditto and Mew are the only Pokemon that can learn Transform. Just use it in battle.

How do you morph Pokémon into different Pokémon?

you cant.. but you can use ditto to transform into your opponents Pokemon but you might have to switch it out if you want to change it to your other opponents Pokemon

Can Ditto evolve in pokemon soulsilver?

Ditto cannot evolve in any game; as don't other Pokèmon. If you mean change into a different Pokèmon, he is using his move, Transform, that only Ditto and Mew can learn. (or hacked Pokèmon)

Can Ditto have an egg with any Pokemon?

Any pokemon but legendaries or other ditto.

Can Snorlax breed with Ditto?

any Pokemon can breed with ditto except legendary Pokemon and ditto. in other words, you can't breed a ditto with a ditto

How do you change mew into different Pokemon?

mew learns a move called transform at lvl 10 this is how it transforms into other Pokemon and it can only be done in battles where it also learns the moves of that Pokemon, just like ditto.

Can Pokemon breed to make Ditto?

No, but Ditto can breed with almost every other Pokemon to make the other parent's species Pokemon.

Can you breed Pokemon with diddo?

Yes, you can breed Pokemon with ditto. Leave ditto with the other Pokemon in the daycare and eventually you will have an egg of the other ditto. If you wanted an egg of ditto though, I don't know but, I think you can leave two dittos in the daycare. You can not breed legendary Pokemon with ditto.